Usually electric, edgy and high energy, the second single from Sammi Constantine in 2020, See What You See, sees a different side to her – possibly the most raw and most vulnerable she has been musically, lyrically and emotionally. Sammi’s musical inspiration is drawn from her personal experiences and she’s always been brave enough to share these moments with the world.

“I absolutely feel vulnerable, but not in a weak sense,” Sammi said about the release. “It’s almost a relief. It’s pretty strange to have something like See What You See out there because it came from such a private and personal place. Now that I’ve released it, I’m able to feel heard and less alone. It’s very cathartic when my thoughts are no longer a secret and the story can no longer weigh me down.”

Following up from recently-released single MannequinSee What You See is a haunting, emotional track that begins with intimate acoustic guitar as Sammi delicately sings about what it’s like to share the darkest parts of your mind with someone. Sammi’s new song baby asks for patience from the people closest to her when the bad days are more frequent than good. “It’s a plea to not be given up on, even when things get too much.”

This song came to life after Sammi pulled apart a letter she’ll never send to all the people throughout her life that have tried their best to keep her healthy and to show her how loved she is, even if she didn’t always believe it. “I wanted to say thank you, sorry and everything in-between,” she explained. “Learning to trust someone with the darkest parts of your mind and allowing them to help you clear out the cobwebs is terrifying, especially when so many in the past have let you down, time and time again.” Sammi sent out the song to the people closest to her the day after she wrote it, which she described as an emotional day.

Sammi said she wanted to be transparent with her latest release because she wants her audience to know and connect with all sides of her, for the sole purpose of staying authentic and breaking stigma around mental health. See What You See follows her personal realisation of hitting rock bottom and the journey to reaching out again. Last year, her mental health caused her to fight a war she couldn’t seem to win, no matter who tried to help her. “I fought my own reflection daily which often resulted in a panic attack. I fought my own thoughts and doubted my own brain, body and intentions to the point where I completely lost sight of who I was before I let in whatever darkness this was. I was suffocating my own self-destruction. So, I wrote a song about it. I knew I wasn’t the only one who was going through this. Maybe this song could help someone else too?”

When you listen to See What You See, Sammi hopes you can see the opportunity for a conversation if you are feeling any of the things she sings about. “I just want people to know that sometimes reaching out can save a life. Not everyone can help you in the ways that you might need at the time, but I think it’s important for people to know and understand to some extent what it looks like to fight something that is invisible to most, but could be all-consuming for someone trying to fight and stay accountable for their own undoings. If people don’t know what you are going through, they can’t help you.”

Co-written with Cyrus (Client Liaison, Rory Adams, CXLOE, GRAACE) and Bri Clark, See What You See also marks Cyrus’ first production release and beginning of an ongoing collaboration with Sammi’s future releases throughout 2020 and 2021, as each new single uncovers pieces of her story as she explores her personal battles and triumphs.

With COVID-19 causing some stress within the music community as well as the whole world in general, it’s great to see creatives such as Sammi Constantine still strive to create and inspire. People are turning to music and other arts more now than ever. While Sammi felt disheartened to have to cancel some upcoming shows, both her and her team feel excited to try their best to stick to plan. Sammi said she still has many surprises up her sleeve for 2020!

See What You See is out now! “I just hope this song helps someone out there and if it does, reach out and let me know. I want to know. I don’t just do this for me,” Sammi said.