After a colossal 2018 packed with performances, features and releases, Sammi Constantine is back with a fierce new pop anthem. This dark, energetic track comes following the highly successful release of her recent hit, Feel Your Body, which is now fast approaching 100,000 streams on Spotify in the three months it has been released.

Watch Yourself also marks another leap for Sammi Constantine’s musical repertoire, with lyrics unveiling the story of an adversarial women, unopposed to exposing those who have done wrong by her – not only to show the world what she is made of, but to put the stigma and judgement around girl power to rest.

“Obviously, this is a dark track. It’s kinda freaky. The lyrics essentially tell a story of a girl who decides to expose anyone who has done wrong by her or hurt her in the past. It’s not just to show the world what she’s made of, but it puts stigma and judgement around girl power to rest,” Sammi said.

“Girls can be powerful and dominant and have a say without it being a pretty pop song.

“There is so much talk among women in the industry at the moment and all these creative things are happening for women in the industry, but I feel like we need to keep talking about it. It’s a really exciting time for women and I think a lot of people are afraid to talk about the real stuff and I want Watch Yourself to just be a little more of a powerful, dominant side of girl power rather than the get your girl gang, pretty, flowery side. I think it’s an important side of girl power that people don’t talk about enough.”

In a male-dominant industry, Sammi believes it is essential that women lift each other up.

“Girls really need to stick together and talk about it, be real about it, not hiding it, getting involved in each others’ shows, supporting one another and really just getting behind each other.”

“Hopefully, when people listen to Watch Yourself, they feel empowered to go out there and kill it. It’s metaphorical for, ‘Go kill it. Go kill what’s haunting you. You better watch yourself because I’m coming to just do whatever I want to do because I can.’ I hope people just take away some kind of badass feeling that they can take on the world and do whatever they want.”

Sammi’s vocals on Watch Yourself fall with a twisting, angelic sweetness, creating a powerful contrast between the undulating delivery and the sharp, witty meaning. With production from Dylan Nash, who has also delivered additional production on the triple-platinum certified single, Be Alright by Dean Lewis, Watch Yourself provides a new sonic atmosphere for Sammi. With accents of tribal drums and a vocal sound comparable to Dua Lipa, the single is set to be a highlight for both yours and Sammi’s 2018.

“I co-wrote Watch Yourself with one of my good friends, Dylan Nash and we knew the sound was different, but we purposely rolled with it. When we realised it wasn’t consistent with my other sounds, especially Feel Your Body, we weren’t mad about it and decided to keep going and thought maybe it was time to change it up. I like to evolve every time I release something and I hope I’m not predictable.

“Dylan and I just started writing and it was probably one of the hardest sessions I’ve been in. He was really, really hard on me at first. I felt like he rejected every single lyric until it was perfect and it really challenged me, but he was absolutely wonderful to work with and I think we really got a solid piece of work at the end. I’m really happy with it. I think it’s different and something people haven’t heard from me before. Hopefully, it reaches a new audience and not just the ones that I already have.”

Sammi Constantine said she has an action-packed 2019 planned. “There’s definitely a huge amount of new music I’m locking in. I’m doing some writing over Christmas and plan to come back bigger, better and stronger.”