‘I’m in the deep end, pleading with a mannequin.’ Edgy pop force Sammi Constantine has released a new song filled with courage and strength. With her honest stories and infectious, dark melodies, 2020 is set to be an exciting year for the Sydney-based artist.

Electric, high energy and authentic, Mannequin explores feeling disconnected from oneself and the world around, a feeling that is common place amongst many today.

‘Your silence is haunting
My mind is exhausting
Is anything in that shell?’

“Even with an unhealthy habit or a toxic relationship, it’s easy to feel connected to and dependent on that said thing,” Sammi described. “Especially, when it’s removed suddenly and you’re left in the dark, forced to adapt to a new way of thinking and feeling.

“It sounds dramatic, but the way that an alcoholic or a smoker needs to retrain the brain after quitting, is the same way that someone who struggles with their mental health needs to rewrite and relearn themselves in order to stay healthy and accountable. This was my experience with my personal demons.”

Produced by Andy Hopkins (AKA Hauskey), this single brings together a number of Sammi’s influences to deliver a powerful message.

“To be honest, I was nervous to write with Andy,” Sammi admitted. “Mannequin was hard to write and this was my first time writing with him. When you go into a session knowing what it is you want to talk about and you’re aware it’s a heavy subject matter, it’s always hard to begin with. I left feeling overwhelmed about an hour into the session. I don’t think I’d ever written something like this before and Andy really helped me bring out the right kinds of emotions to help me say what I really wanted to say. Even if I felt vulnerable doing so, we’ve been writing lots together ever since.”


Hailing from New South Wales, Sammi is an edgy pop force who is making her own waves in the Australian pop scene. She developed her love for music at a young age, initially as a ballerina. She transitioned out of dance and into songwriting in order to explore new ways to express herself.

Sammi plans to keep the new tunes rolling through the rest of the year through the release of one single each month. These songs will uncover pieces of her story over the year as she explores her personal battles and triumphs.

After touring with Rita Ora in 2019 around Australia, 2020 will see Sammi performing live again in the later end of the year with a slew of new music. This is set to be her most prolific year yet and you’re going to want to be here for the ride!

“You can expect a lot from me this year. I’m not holding back. One thing I think will be present in this new era of music is that nothing sounds the same, yet it all conceptually comes from the same story. I really wanted to just talk about everything without thinking about what it sounds like and more what it feels like, or how it will make the listeners feel. I really think myself and all the people I wrote with last year did exactly that. I am so excited to share everything.”

With more music and shows to be announced later this year, Sammi is definitely an artist to keep in the loop with.

In the meantime, listen to Mannequin below.