Fresh out of a summer spent in the studio, Ruby Fields has built an incredible debut EP to play on repeat all year long.

From beachy surfer tunes and teenage anthems to a soft, loosely lyrical lullaby, Your Dad’s Opinion For Dinner includes current favourites, I Want and P Plates, along with four new additional bangers to complete the EP and truly showcase the capabilities and extent of Fields’ quirky sound.

Soon to be released single Ritalin opens the EP as a kickass anthem to all teens stuck right in the middle of growing up. High school, rebelling, minimum wage jobs and parent problems, Fields ticks all the teen angst boxes without sounding whiney. Wrapped-up simply in the chorus, “Doesn’t it suck growing up / Doesn’t she know it?” Ruby’s got it right, and portrays the story-like song perfectly in her classic indie-rock style.

Libby’s Pink Car shares the same acne cream-tinged adolescent vibes and first world problems wrapped in a gritty nostalgia. Super up-beat vibes make you just want to forget about all the drama and dance with Ruby herself. It’s simple, but showcases how in touch Ruby is with the gripes of her generation, speaking to many of our unvoiced petty concerns.

There are so many connections throughout the whole album; to any and all young students trying to figure out what comes next, I highly recommend you listen and relax. I’m calling it the Ruby Fields mantra: “Have a beer and light a durry” Fields shares in the most rockin’ track, Fairly Tame, Fairly Lame.

The EP is closed by the smoothest track of all; a very Thelma Plum-esque lullaby. Toned down guitar strums and Fields’ beautiful, soft vocals take this track to another level. An absolutely stunning approach to the adolescent world, it completes her debut EP with ease.


Release: 1 March, 2018 via Independent