Tell us about how Ride For Rain began?
Me and Goran have been writing and playing music together since high school, pretty much just trying to play as fast we could and sing in key. There’s an album under the name No-Hablo probably still floating around the internet. That was around 2012. After that, we didn’t really do anything until 2014 when Tim and Liam joined and changed the name to Ride For Rain. Pretty much a totally different band ha ha.

What is the inspiration behind the band name?
Literally just putting a few words together that we thought sounded cool. I guess any band name you choose you’re gonna eventually get sick of it!

Tell us about your influences, and how you’re bringing something unique to the punk genre?
Our main influences are more NOFX, Frenzal Rhomb, Blink etc. Although we’ll literally draw influences from anything whether it’s ‘punk’ or not. Also… The bands we play with and have become good friends with in the scene have had a huge influence on us. I guess we try and bring our version of skate punk to the table as well as adding a slight surfy vibe to it. We’ll never pigeon hole ourselves though, we’ll play whatever we want.

In the video for Life’s A Beach Goran invites the rest of the band over for beers, and then goes on a killing spree, knocking off the other members. How did you come up with the idea for the video?
Well pretty much Life’s A Beach was the second single we were going to release, so we thought we should have a video to go along with it. I came up with the idea on the train and called Goran about it, then all went to his house that night and filmed it. Pretty irrelevant to the lyrics in the song, but hey! It keep you watching 😉

It’s done pretty DIY, what was it like filming and keeping everyone with a straight face during the hyper-stylized killing scenes?
Yeah we literally did it all ourselves, you’ll probably notice that there’s not one shot with us all in it (except for the ending, we used a tripod). As far as the acting went we just tried our hardest to be super weird and over exaggerated for it to actually work… Hopefully our acting doesn’t come through as too cringeworthy ha ha. The death scenes were a little tricky because it was all about the first take. If you took away the music you could probably hear the rest of us laughing in the background.

It’s a pretty weird thing to happen at a gathering… what’s the strangest thing that you’ve ever seen go down at a party in real life?
Goran – Damn… that’s a hard one, without embarrassing anyone that is. Had a mate scull a beer up his arse…

Goran cooks up Liam’s intestines (sausages) for a snack after he’s killed everyone – what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten on tour/after a gig?
One time really drunk after a show I went to your standard McDonalds and ordered a Double Quarter Pounder Meal with an extra cheeseburger… was still hungry after that. I then went and ordered a Big Mac and asked them to put the most amount patties on it they could. The worst part is I took it home and reheated the eight-patty Big Mac. Delicious!

Aside from murder, how do you usually handle band disputes?
Hmm good question… Na, ha ha to be honest we never really fight. We’re all heaps good mates, otherwise we wouldn’t be doing it. If there’s ever a little heat it’s over in like three seconds. I flipped at Goran one time because we had a show up in Newcastle and we were halfway on our way to Canberra until realising it’s in the other direction…

Tell us about your debut record Life’s A Beach – where did you record, who did you record with and why?
We recorded bass and drums with Brandon Lung at his house and A Sharp studios. The rest of the record was recorded in my bedroom. That gave us all the time in the world to literally record/write whatever we wanted. For example, the hip hop vibe you get out of the song The Way It Goes or the surfy vibe you get out of Eat Sleep Skate, a little bit of trumpet on there too. There are even recordings from parties we went to that we put into a couple of songs. The album was then mixed by Sam Guaiana in Canada and Mastered by John Naclerio in the US.

Is there a particular theme or overarching idea tying the album together?
Our songs aren’t really written about specific events that happened, people etc. They are more just based on emotions and feelings. I guess a running theme throughout the record would be life as a young 20-something-year-old. Shit you deal with day to day but also not taking life too seriously. Sounds cliche, but you know… it’s relatable.

What do you see as driving the punk and grunge/garage rock revival that’s happening at the moment?
Other than it being the best style of music in the world? I think it’s more about the people that actually play in the bands and go to the shows – no one’s trying to be rock stars or anything. It’s pretty much just going to shows and having beers with your mates. No better way to have a good time I’d say. There are also festivals like UNIFY, Yours & Owls and Thrashville to name a few that put a shit load of up and coming bands on the line-ups which I think is great.

You’re playing some shows in Japan at the start of 2018 which sounds sick, do you have much of a fanbase over there?
The only person that knows us there is the guy who booked us ha ha! We just wanna play heaps of shows and travel to heaps of places so why not!

Out of all the places in the world to tour internationally, why Japan?
Punk is sooooo huge over there! It’s crazy! They love it.

What can we expect from you next?
A shit load of shows along the east coast, maybe record another EP/album. Keen to play our first festival though, so if there’s any out there that’ll have us on, call me 😉