Alternative-pop trio Chase Atlantic made their much anticipated return home when they hit up Australia for the final leg of the Phases World Tour. The band ended their tour with a bang at Sydney’s Factory Theatre on November 10.

Xavier Mayne opened the show with both some released and unreleased tracks, and got the audience hyped up for the main act. Earlier fans of Chase Atlantic may have recognised Xavier from his other project, The Young Art, who opened up for Chase’s Paradise tour back in 2016 at the Metro Theatre. Naturally, Xavier brought out Chase lead Mitchel Cave to join him in singing their collaboration project, Shleepin.

Before Chase Atlantic even took to the stage, the intro was drowned out by screaming fans eager to see the band, who belted out every single word to crowd favourite, Angels. The band has always been commended for not only their sonic value, but also for their production value and exceeded their Phases production greater than what we could have imagined. While the audience didn’t need to rely on the visual lyrics entering and exiting the screen, it added to the experience as a whole.

The first time I saw band members Mitchel and Christian perform was back in 2012 when they auditioned for X Factor Australia as part of the boy band, What About Tonight. After embarking on their own journey with Mitchel’s brother, Clinton, the three-piece have matured profoundly and have experimented with personal growth from band names, to lyrics, to sounds, to appearances. When I first saw them as Chase Atlantic, they were still an upcoming band with only a few EPs to their name. They performed at small venues and when they opened up for bigger names such as Good Charlotte, some newer fans were still guessing the lyrics. Saying I was proud to see a packed room shouting every single lyric doesn’t quite do the experience the justice it deserves. It was a truly magical moment that saw the band constantly reflecting on how far they’ve come in between songs. Long-term fans were treated to old favourites, Swim and Friends. 

Chase Atlantic are known to be unique. They’re not your average band and that’s what we all love about them. Their latest album address mental health issues and substance abuse in a fun way. The entire show was a non stop pop.

Admittedly, I was a little skeptical about a Chase Atlantic world tour at first. As any lover of underground bands would understand, you appreciate that they’re your little secret and aren’t being over played by those who don’t appreciate the value of good music. However, I walked away from the Phases Tour with an appreciation and respect that the boys are finally getting the recognition and credit they deserve and I am looking forward to seeing where the rest of this journey will take them.

While the band has displayed many personal changes, the one element that has always remained true to them is that no matter where the music scene takes the boys, they’ll always remember where they came from and continue to be down to earth human beings. VIP fans were treated to an exclusive pre-show meet and greet where you had the opportunity to talk to the boys as well as have your photo taken with band members Mitchel, Christian and Clinton as well as touring members, Jesse Boyle (drums) and Pat Wilde (guitar). Whether you were an old fan, a new fan, or your friend/partner dragged you along to the show, they made every single person feel appreciated and feel as though they were the most important person in the room, even while standing next to four other rockstars. VIP fans were also treated to a live pre-show acoustic performance of Love Is (Not) Easy.

Chase Atlantic are on the road to taking the world by storm and I’m glad I’m going to be there to see it.

Chase Atlantic Sydney set list:

  1. Intro
  2. Angels
  3. What U Call That
  4. Her
  5. Too Late
  7. Swim
  8. Lust
  9. Love Is (Not) Easy
  10. Even Though I’m Depressed
  11. Heaven And Back
  12. Like a Rockstar
  13. I Don’t Like Darkness
  14. Friends
  15. Okay