A freak #SydneyStorm prevented this reviewer from making the start of Spit Chewy, but the last two songs of their set – well supported by an early Lansdowne crowd that were encouraged not to be “lamos” by the Facebook event – showcased a perky grunge sound that has seen the band getting some well-deserved supports and attention. 

Eliza & The Delusionals have been taking a slowly but surely approach to 2018, gigging a lot, supporting a bunch of great acts and gaining fans everywhere they go off the back of their The Deeper End EP of 2017. They exhibit intelligent musicianship, a vocal line that melds into loud, grungy guitars and a big beat. Eliza Klatt is a dynamic front-woman, saying and doing all the right things throughout a 30-minute set showcasing a live performance that will see them up for many a tour and festival to come. 

Their latest track, Jackie, is just one example of how their music not only rocks but tells a story. Eliza’s voice can go from sweet to sick in a second and the band is solid as a rock. It’s still relatively early days, but get on board this Pottsville/Gold Coast band, because they’re only going in one direction. 

Maddy Jane is reaching the end of almost two years of constant touring and a well-attended Lansdowne is a nice way to say au revoir.  The confidence of Maddy on-stage is proven by her effort to make eye contact with the crowd as she sings with a seemingly effortless charisma. 

Kicking off with the title track from EP, Not Human at All, her tracks assumed a goodly pace, giving the audience plenty to dance to. With a country twang, she sang her ‘angry’ song, Say You Won’t Mind before one of her first ever recorded tracks, People. “I’ve been trying to get rid of this song from my set, but people keep requesting it!”, she exclaimed. 

Relieving herself of her guitar, Maddy dived into the 1992 classic from 4 Non Blondes, What’s Up?, giving the crowd a perfect chance to yell ‘Hey!’ as loud as possible. She thanked her supports effusively, indicating, “If you missed them, sick shit!”. It’s a fair call. 

Latest single, The Other Day, made the crowd bounce and sing with great energy, obviously very keen to celebrate the announcement that Maddy will be taking some time to work on new music in the next little while. Her smile and appreciation for the Sydney crowd is genuine and proves that she’s having a great time on stage with a band that supports her brilliantly. 

“This is a song about being from Tasmania, cause I’m from Tasmania”, declared the now Wollongong resident, before playing her last song, No Other Way. There was huge love in the room from a wide range of fans for an artist that is carving her own path in the music industry, and one that she won’t be compromising on. As this chapter closes, we look forward to what the future holds for this young star.