Did you spend your Thursday night at home flicking through your Netflix options? Shame.

Glades put on an absolute show for their To Love You Tour to Sydney’s Metro Theatre and I can say with certainty, it was definitely better than watching ‘Rick and Morty’ for the millionth time (not judging you, I promise).

The Sydney-based band brought some friends along too, with Balu Brigada popping over from New Zealand. Their juicy pop-electronica was followed by LA WOMEN, also joining us from New Zealand (not LA – misleading I know), who delivered some heavy R&B inspired beats. The all-ages crowd was having the time of their lives. Heed my advice and give them a whirl on Spotify.

The audience was abuzz in anticipation for Glades to take to the stage. Sudden bursts of hollering would subside only to reignite louder than before. The fans were impatient.

The moody, purple-lit stage dimmed and from the smoke emerged Cameron Robertson and Joey Wenceslao. The crowd erupted and Karina Wykes took place centre stage.

The bass surged through the body of the crowd adding a new meaning to ‘feel the beat’. They jumped straight into Nervous Energy and honestly it was one of the most electrifying on stage entrances I’ve witnessed. You’d be forgiven for thinking Glades were seasoned old-timers in the music scene, but it was just last month in November that the band released their debut album, To Love You.

Their stage presence was confident and comfortable, and it was clear they were enjoying the night as much as their adoring audience was.  Speechless had the audience dancing away with hands reaching for the ceiling before rolling on into Not About You.

The audience as a whole – a mix of tweens with their chaperone parents, after-work fun-seekers still suited up, and the rest of us who fell somewhere in between – knew the words to each song and had no hesitation in singing the words back to Karina.

It is rare that an audience in entirety is so vocal, and it served as a reminder of how effortlessly catchy Glades’ songs really are.

Their indie-pop sound stands out in an increasingly saturated landscape, and it is perhaps their maturity (arguably beyond their years) as performers that is pushing them to new heights.

Glades demonstrated their repertoire, with Through to You and Better Love, showing us that their sound is not just happy-pop. They have feels too.

The energy high was maintained from start to finish. It reached new peaks as Glades wrapped up the night with Drive (the song that originally made me fall in love with them), and finally Do Right. Performed back to back the two songs encapsulated their journey together as a band from beginnings to present.

It was refreshing to hear Glades play with the songs we all knew so well, their live music was more loose and rough without the same refined, perfected production that is synonymous with their dynamic pop sound. It was a vibe that I liked and I’d love to hear more of.

It also cemented the band’s talent both in the studio and on stage. I’m calling it, keep your eyes (and ears) on Glades.