You’re on the bill for 16 Lovers Lane as part of Queensland Music Festival – what do you enjoy most about playing live? I love the feedback of a live audience. I mean, that’s what its all about isn’t it?

You’re paying homage to The Go-Betweens with a bunch of other incredible artists for 16 Lovers Lane. What are you most looking forward to for this gig? Looking forward to being a part of the whole thing. I like being in a “troupe”.

Have The Go-Betweens played an influential role during your career? I don’t know about influential. But the gobs are one of my favourite Australian bands ever!

What are your thoughts on the current sound of Australian rock’n’roll? Do you like the direction Australian music has taken in recent years? Look I don’t know a real lot about what’s going on these days. I do like Olympia however. She’s great!

As one of Australia’s most influential musicians, do you ever feel pressure to constantly create or innovate in order to remain prevalent? Yes, I do. Remaining prevalent and perhaps relevant. I am constantly creating new stuff. It’s not in my nature to ever stop!

Did you ever expect music you wrote decades ago to still be inspiring to young people in 2017? I never really thought about it. The future was not on my mind. I saw pop music as an ephemeral thing. But I am very happy ‘n’ flattered if the youngsters are still digging me!

What was the hardest creative challenge you’ve had to overcome in your career? Working with producers who could not understand my groovy trip I guess. Frustrating!

You’ve been very open about your battle with addiction – how has this experience shaped the person you are today? It knocked off a lot of rough edges. It taught me humility and perseverance.

What do you wish you’d known when you were first starting out in the music industry? Um wow, millions of things! Like not being cavalier with money. Not trusting shonky types, and I wish I’d been a nicer bloke in the early days!

What would you like to see change about Australia’s music industry in its current state? How about a bit more protection for Aussie bands and artists re. royalties from Spotify etc. – we’re getting murdered out there!

Lastly, what is your advice for aspiring and up-and-coming Australian musicians and creatives? If you believe in yourself never ever ever give up!

14 July, 16 Lovers Lane, Queensland Music Festival, QPAC
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