Band: The Football Club

Answered by: Ruby

Position/role: Singer/songwriter

Give us your wicked-cool backstory: We started out when we all met in first year uni! I had come down to Melbourne to study and wrote all these songs (while I was semi-homeless and sleeping on couches) that I knew I wanted to find people at uni to force them to play! So we got together and started playing, and went through a couple of bad names (Footscray Antisocial Club springs to mind) before settling on a name that we felt made fun of ‘the lads’; ironic now that lazy publications and promoters call us ‘the lads’ and ‘the boys’ from The Football Club!

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? Indo Mie brand Mi Goreng (Spicy Rib flavour is a fave) and Mixed Berry Passion Pop.

Tell us about Ivywhat’s your creative process like? So I wrote Ivy entirely in my head while I was washing dishes at my old job at Maccas! I had some melodies and chords floating in my head, and literally put the song together from start to finish in my head while making your Quarter Pounders – when I got home, I picked up a guitar and could literally play it from start to finish just off the top of my head.

Where did you record and why? Who did you work with? We recorded at Four Hundred Acres Recording Studio in Broadmeadows, Victoria, with our good friend Nicholas Lam on production duties and Rohan Sforcina on engineering and mixing duties! It was so great to get out of the inner suburbs and go some place quiet and really focus on getting good performances.

The worst thing that happened during recording was…: A giant thunder storm as we were loading amps and bits of drum kit out of the studio after a 12 hour session! Luckily all the amps survived but we did have to sacrifice a jacket I really liked.

But the best thing was…: Doing a nine-part choir-style backing vocal section with Adriano and Leah that we ended up removing most of in the final mix!

What is next for The Football Club? The Spencer / Ivy 7-inch should be out late May/early June! We’re on tour with Alex Lahey in May and June, and then a few other runs of shows that we’re yet to announce! And then late 2017, who knows what we might record? Well… apart from us.

What inspires your music? Watching Peep Show on Netflix, eating pizza with friends, stick’n’pokes.

The no.1 most interesting thing about your band is: We are all professionally certified fire breathers and tightrope walkers.

And the most boring thing about you is: I lied about the last question.

What’s your grand plan to take over Australia’s music scene? Pictures of dogs as album covers.