Band: Shag Rock

Answered by: Cav, bass; Aly, vocals

Position/role: Bass, vocals

Give us your wicked-cool backstory: Started in 2011 at a high school by Cavo, Aly and Reedy, pretty much an excuse to hang out and cause a riot in the valley every night. Having successful bands like Yves Klein Blue and Powderfinger come from the same school as you really inspired us to start a band and give it a red hot crack. Hired Beechy in 2015 when we got signed to Airlock Records.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? Post-surf choccy milk and pie.

Tell us about the making of Barefoot – what’s your creative process like? Aly or Reedy usually come up with an idea then take it to the band where it is fleshed out into a rippin’ band tune. Most songs on Barefoot were born like this. The album is really diverse in sound, it has delicate acoustic tracks as well as indie rock bangers. This is usually the result of listening to a large variety of music and the band all coming from different musical upbringings.

Where did you record and why? Who did you work with? We recorded it at Airlock Studios in Brizzy with Ian Haug who was in Powderfinger. Ian ownes Airlock Studios so it was a no brainer, considering how nice everything is in there and the quality of the sound and how shit our own gear was at the time. Airlock is also situated in a picturesque rural suburb of Samford so it’s a perfect place to escape the hassle and bustle and get creative.

The worst thing that happened during recording was…: Cavo turned up hungover on the first Monday which didn’t go down too well.

But the best thing was…: Hearing it all come together at the end and feeling fulfilled.

We know all of your songs are your babies, but if you had to pick a favourite which would it be and why? Aly – The Pub (has a lot of meaning for Aly). Cavo – Lip Addiction (loves a good banger live). Reedy – Coconut (ripper lead guitar bit). Beechy – Time Wasted (funky drums).

What’s the weirdest/most awesome thing that’s happened on tour so far? Meeting sick bands like Tiger Town and getting invited back to the Grampians Festival owner’s pub for a free piss-up after the festival. A fan in Adelaide got chucked out of the venue for doing a shoey on stage, then he snuck back in, did another shoey then fought the security guard. He then drove four hours to Mildura to see us again, legend.

The top 5 songs on the tour bus playlist are:

  1. Skegss – Spring Has Sprung
  2. The Hollies – I’m Alive
  3. We’re Going To Bonnie Doon from The Castle (except replace Bonnie Doon w. next stop on tour )
  4.  Methyl Ethyl – Ubu
  5.  FIDLAR – West Coast

What’s your grand plan to take over Australia’s music scene? Crack a cold one with every band we run into and hope to God they like us, and hopefully write a banger #1 soon, of course.