Answered by: Samsaruh

Where do you hail from? I was born and raised in the suburbs of Melbourne. Sydney is also a bit of a second home for me, I fly up there quite a lot now as some of my favourite people to work with are based up there. Growing up in the suburbs of Melbourne I was around nature a lot more than I was around the city, and I think that has a very evident effect in the person I’ve become to this day. It’s the tall trees, the sea breeze and the velvet hills of never ending grass and hay that makes me feel most at home.

Give us your wicked-cool backstory: I have been writing since I was 13 years old and a singer since I can remember. However, being a dreamer is in my blood and runs through my veins. Throughout my whole life music has been my rock, my warmth and most importantly, my saviour. My pivotal moment in life came when I was eight years old and I claimed that I’d be a singer/songwriter one day and that I’d never look back. Dangerously… I never did look back, I never really had a plan B either, because I just couldn’t and still can’t see myself doing anything else than this. Having a supportive family also made it a lot easier to chase these hills. My dad is a musician and has always been in bands, which is how I got exposed to music. Despite being surrounded by music in that aspect, I came as the first singer/songwriter out of many generations, so it was a bit odd for sure.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? I feel like it would either be something like chilli chocolate mousse, as it starts off with a sweet taste and ends up with a major kick in the stomach. Or it would be some sort of buffet combining all different sorts of dishes from different countries.

Tell us about your new single Golden To Thrive – what’s your creative process like? The song to me is about stereotypes and everyone’s individual concepts on how to thrive in life. When I was creating this song I really looked at how stereotypes and stigmas will always exist and they’re not things we can necessarily control. We do however have proven the unknown and the disbelieved. Thus, this song is my power. My creative process when building a song is like painting a picture, really.

First, you let your inner emotions channel what colour you put on the brush. Then you let the emotions take you on a journey, ending with a piece of art. For me, the process of writing lyrics imitates that drive. Then you decide framing and context of placement, which is just as important, as it can have a big effect on the way other people perceive the art. This step is where the production process comes in and replicates. It is 90% of the time that the production process follows the lyrics with me.

The most interesting thing about you is…: I like to appear half in light and half-dipped in shadows. You may notice this in my songwriting; sometimes reading my words is a little bit like putting together a puzzle. Some of it makes sense and some of it uses riddles. My dream is to live in the light, whilst my lyrics live half-dipped in the dark. Not negatively but just mysteriously.

And the most boring fact…: I think another one of the most interesting things about me can also be one of the most boring things about me – being my strong connection with music. I literally only live and breathe music and not everyone understands that or is the same, so in that case, I would be quite boring to those people.

What was inspiring you during the making of this single? Lyrically, I was quite fascinated seeing the way it can come at ease for some people to naturally stereotype shady corners, where not much knowledge may be surrounding. However musically, I think that the people I was working with were quite inspiring and the mix of all our quirks reflecting off each other is what created this song and its individuality. Personally, when creating music I don’t like to turn to other songs to get me inspired, instead, I like to be inspired by the natural emotion of the lyrics and use that to help channel the music side of things. Which is also why it is so vital working with great people who understand that, thus I am very grateful being able to work with those people.

What’s your grand plan to take over Australia’s music scene? Pretty much, to let my heart drive. That would mean to keep progressing as an artist and releasing the best music I can and putting on the kind of shows that leave you with a memorable experience.

We hear that you’ve worked with the likes of Peking Duk, Slumberjack, Kuren and more – what can you tell us about your involvement with these projects? Words and melodies are my involvement in these projects, being a singer/songwriter of course. Some exciting collabs will be coming up real soon, which I can’t wait for the world to hear also. You can keep up to date with it all on my Facebook.

What’s the best thing you’ve learned from working with these musicians? Working with other musicians has taught me a lot of things, mainly in technical ways, which is also very important, however, it has really taught me about the artist I am – my strengths, limitations and my differences. Being an artist, I think it’s really important to know who you are first and foremost. Of course, we learn more about ourselves as we live but to understand your own individuality is very empowering.