Band: Pirra

Answered by:
Curtis Argent

Give us your wicked-cool backstory: We met in Sydney after each moving from rural areas. We started gigging together around town having a hoot playing covers at all sorts of events before we started jamming and writing songs together, which gradually evolved into Pirra. We’ve had some amazing experiences so far, travelling around the country and beyond. We’re looking forward to more.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? The most obvious choice would be a supreme pizza with anchovies… but for dessert I’d say some kind of bastardised pavlova with ice cream and extra fruit.

Tell us about your album Animal Kingdom – what’s your creative process like? It’s a blend of rockin’ grooves with beautiful pop melodies. So you can cry while you dance to it. Our creative process varies a bit. For a lot of the songs on Animal Kingdom we started with a groove and then wrote the song around that. The lyrics were often centered around stuff we were talking about at the time, although there were exceptions such as A Beautiful Waste and Parachute, which began as basic acoustic songs before we wrote the grooves and production ideas around them.

Where did you record, who did you work with and why? We recorded and mixed most of the album ourselves, although we did collaborate with some great engineers/producers for mixing and production on some tracks. A big part of the reason for the DIY approach was the cost of hiring a studio and engineer. We were already making our own demos, so we thought why not spend the equivalent money for a few days in the studio on some more gear? Also, it was a great way for us to find our own direction and sound.

The worst thing that happened during recording was…:
 How friggin’ hot it was. Seriously, it was so hot that every take was followed by a cold shower and towelling down.

But the best thing was…: Time. We had our own studio, our own gear and being self-produced we could faff about on the smallest of details, exercising our pernickety muscles while drinking frothy homebrews.

Was there anything in particular that inspired you for this record?
 Musically the band was heavily into Kimbra’s music, which offered the band an inspired new perspective on what pop music was and how deep production values could go. We were also very influenced/entertained by the subtle hilarities that exists all around in our day to day lives e.g. guru complex, the attention-grabbing party animal and modern love conceptions.

We know all of your songs are your babies, but if you had to pick a favourite which would it be and why? Probably A Beautiful Waste. This was the first track we wrote from the album and set a new precedent with Pirra’s musical direction. The song laments losing another beautiful day to a hangover, and once we entertained the idea that songs can be both serious and humorous it broadened our scope a bit.

What’s your grand plan to take over Australia’s music scene? We’re focused on writing the best music we can and making sure our shows are gonna give the audience a whale of a time. There is no current plan for a hostile takeover.

What’s your fave David Attenborough documentary and why? The Making Of Planet Earth. It’s inspiring to see the level of enthusiasm, dedication, and incredible lengths that go towards making these epic documentaries.