Band Name: My Echo

Answered by: Henry

Position/role: Drums

Where did the name come from: The name we actually stole from a song title by a band called Rival Schools whom we love. It was the best of a bad bunch.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? All you can eat.

Tell us about Brøthers – what’s your creative process like? We wrote a bunch of the album in Tom’s garage on electric drums plugged straight into Garage Band in case we had any good ideas. When it came time to write lyrics and melodies we spent a bunch of weekends at Brenton’s house in Geelong. We got the whole band involved, and even Brenton’s wife Amanda chimed in here and there. We had plenty to drink to get the creative juices flowing and off we went!

Where did you record and why? Who did you work with? We recorded at Capitol Sound Studios in Adelaide, basically to get away from home/work/any other distraction and completely focus on the task at hand. We took Hadyn Buxton with us – he even shared our bedroom. He’s a guru in the studio and also a great fella, which is quite important to us.

The worst thing that happened during recording was…: Tom and Steve came home from the strippers at 5am once and Hadyn got really angry and yelled at them.

But the best thing was…: Tom and Steve came home from the strippers at 5am once.

What is Brøthers about? Is there a message or theme? It’s more for us I suppose. We had a few set backs putting this record together but we stuck it out and got it over the line. We had a couple of old members leave too and we wanted them to know that this album is for all of us and that we appreciate all that they did, and that we’re best friends first and foremost.

Other than other artists, what inspires your music? We used to write lyrics about things or people that pissed us off, but this time around I guess you could say we re-aligned our anger towards ourselves. A lot of it is about stuff we aren’t too proud of within ourselves.

The no.1 most interesting thing about your band is: You might find it funny but I think it’s probably that we’re legitimately best friends. We genuinely like each other. We spend so much time crammed in small spaces together; once we did 5000km in the van in a week, but we all hate leaving each other and heading home when we’re back in Melbourne. We were actually at the Tote the other day and had to go to another pub to meet some pals. For some reason we decided to run and we ran past our mate Justin from Kingswood on our way and stopped for a chat. Later on one of us mentioned how funny it must have looked to him, just seeing us running through the streets in our disco kits, just like a bunch of kids who are best mates.

And the most boring thing about you is: We’re sitting in a van passing through Gundagai right now that’s pretty boring!