Answered by: Guy Brown

Position/role: Mr Mammal

Give us your wicked-cool backstory. Where did the name come from and how did you start out? Hailed from the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Kicked around here surfing. As a grommet, I was acting and singing in musicals and operas. Making you buy things you don’t need on TV commercials. Growing up I started writing tunes and recording at a studio in the city inspired by the music of Bon Iver, Radiohead and Foals. I wrote a track that resonated with some people at the time, so I pursued the sounds where Mammals was born. The name ‘Mammals’ worked with the vibes. We are all mammals after all.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? A salubrious spaghetti bolognese with thick cream sauce that dances off the palette infused with a rich aroma of mixed herbs, taking you on a heart felt journey of orgasmic sensations. The destination unknown…. No wait. The Culinary Danger Zone. 

Tell us about Invertebrate – what’s your creative process like? It was an instrumental that was forgotten for a long time. When it was rediscovered I tracked some live drums over the top which lead to the vocals. Down the line working on the rest of the EP, we again tracked drums in another studio. In the mixing process, Matt Redlich used both drum tracks creating the biggest vibes around! I love M83 and their cinematic scores, these were the main inspirations for the track.

Where did you record Chase Your Bliss and why? Who did you work with? For the most part at Nylon Studios in Sydney. After getting it to a point where the bones were there, I started jamming on ideas with a good friend called Nadav Kahn. He is an amazing writer and taught me so much, ending up with the track released on the EP. The rest of the EP was written when I moved down the Coast to Mollymook. The final mixes were sent to Melbourne then the masters to Tasmania.

The worst thing that happened during recording was…: Probably the main inspiration behind the lead single. A close friend lost his life on our surf trip in The Ments. He was a pure legend and it took a huge toll on everyone that knew him. His life taught us to live ours to the fullest. To Chase Your Bliss.

But the best thing was…: This one night was pretty special. There was this huge electrical storm that rolled through. We were monitoring the track and just feeling the vibes of the heavy rain and all the lightning. There was also a skateboard in the studio that would be our listening board. We were just cruise on it exploring ideas. Recording is all about the vibe. The people you are with and the feelings you uncover.

Invertebrate has a very small amount of vocal, what brought you to this idea? Are the other tracks similar to this theme? I really enjoy the beauty of instrumental music. What ever genre it might be, electro, classical, rock. If it can take you on a journey without lyrical content that’s amazing. I love making this kind of music. 

Other than other artists, what inspires your music? The ocean for sure. Surfing and the coast line where I live is so beautiful. You can literally find yourself alone on a beach with the most beautiful sunset around. It’s like art. I try to create those vibes with my music.

The no.1 most interesting thing about you is: Meanest Donald Duck voice going around. If you want a giggle have a look

And the most boring thing about you is: Ain’t no thang borang about this Organtutang babe.

What can people expect from a live Mammals show? We going to be partying our little hearts out, slapping da bass, hitting the skins. Dare say there will be some high fives and some sweet melodies. Theatrical haze and laser beams.