Answered by: Hein Cooper

Position/role: Singer/songwriter

Give us your wicked-cool backstory – how did you start out in the music industry? I started writing songs and playing music when I was a teenager, and basically left high school and moved to Sydney (I’m from Milton, NSW) played 100s of pub gigs and wrote some songs that eventually pulled me out of that endless cycle into where I am now!

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? King prawn green curry (I just ate one for lunch and it was delicious).

Tell us about your single Rusty – what’s your creative process like? Rusty is all about feeling slightly shitty and rolling with it. I wrote the music first for this track and added the melody and lyrics after, it took a while to get it right, around a year or so. There is no real structure to my writing; I’ve been trying loads of new techniques lately, like baking a CD in the oven for 20 minutes to see what it does to the song…

Where did you record your debut album The Art Of Escape and why? Who did you work with? I recorded in Montreal, Canada because it is EPIC. I recorded with a guy called Marcus Paquin who is literally six foot nine inches in height. I felt very secure when I was recording.

The worst thing that happened during recording was…: When we recorded each song it would have a session number that we would change each time the song was worked on. There was one particular song that didn’t even make the album that we worked on 68 times… we almost made it to 69! 

But the best thing was…: Sitting down in the studio and listening to the whole thing with a beer when we finished.

What is The Art Of Escape about? Is there a particular message or theme that drives the track? Run away and don’t come back… at least until you know you’ve learnt something.

Other than other artists, what inspires your music? Being a human being is more than enough to write about. 

The no.1 most interesting thing about you is: I’m born on the same day as Fred Astaire.

And the most boring thing about you is: I don’t watch TV

What’s your grand plan to take over Australia’s music scene? Co-write a song with Barnsey <3