Band: Elegant Shiva

Answered by: Matt Swan (Swanny)

Position/role: Drummer

Give us your wicked-cool backstory. Where did the name come from and how did you start out? In 2012 we got wasted at a gig. Afterwards everything was shutting so we ended up having a jam at 3am under this random house. Not long after we got offered a warehouse party in Byron with Sailor Jerry. It was such an amazing show; people were going crazy smashing bottles and moshing hard. It might have been the free booze but it felt real like we had something people wanted which was crazy as we were free jamming the whole show. So we packed everything up and made Byron Bay home.

The name came from a couple of different things, but Josh loves Shiva and what he stands for – Destroyer, Influential, Protector, Transforming, and Elegant. Our sound is heavy and dirty but there seems to be elegance twisted through our songs.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? Organic dog food covered in hot chips, gravy and vintage cheese.

Tell us about your single Can’t Get Enough: The song channels into the restlessness regarding the fear of failure, taking the leap into the great unknown and putting yourself outside your comfort zone. Taking the road less travelled, that’s when amazing things happen.

Where did you record and why? Who did you work with? We tracked it at Byron Sirens, Pete Murray’s studio. It pulls great drum sounds. We then mixed in Sydney with Dave Hammer who we just recorded three new tracks with!

The worst thing that happened during recording was… Lost half a day’s recording because Josh ended up having sex all morning.

But the best thing was… I drank a lot of beers with the engineer. Everyone wins I guess.

What’s coming up for Elegant Shiva? Any new music or tours? Brand new single in April – no set date as Josh is dropping vocals as we speak at Def Wolf Studios.

Other than other artists, what inspires your music? For me I’d say living in Byron Bay. I bloody love my town, surfing, parties, and girls girls girls.

Where do you see Aussie music trends heading? That’s a hard one, but a lot of music venues are closing their doors, especially in Sydney. It’s so sad, I hope it changes real soon because playing live is a big part of who we are. Sinking beers and having a mosh down at your local pub is the best. Live music is my trend.

The no.1 most interesting thing about your band is: We have the same last name (Swan) but came out of two different mummas.

And the most boring thing about you is: Playing cards and smoking lordies.

What’s your grand plan to take over Australia’s music scene? Having an explosive, subsonic, heavy grunge sound, live and on records that comes at you like a pack of wildebeest, but yet there manages to be something majestic at the centre of it.