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Where do you hail from? I was born in Melbourne and moved to Perth just over ten years ago.

Give us your wicked-cool backstory: My parents are both Polish refugees who made it out to Australia to give my older brother and I a chance for a better future – and what did I do with that? I learnt to rap haha. I got into hip hop at a very young age, and it’s been a part of who I am for so long.

No radioactive spiders or selling crack though.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? I’d have to say it would be a banquet or even a dope degustation. I feel like I move around through a lot of styles, but soul is always the constant part of my music. So it would have to be a home-cooked meal, but with a lot of different foods. Multicultural home-cooked banquet.

Tell us about your new single Forgive Us– what’s your creative process like? My creative process really differs from song to song. With Forgive Us, I already had a concept and some lyrics for the song. I got in touch with my keys player Chris Foster with the idea, and the style I was looking for. We went back and forth until it was the right vibe. From there I got my band to come in, one by one and record their parts.

The song is about forgiveness, and the backbone of it is gospel soul, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use the amazing WAAPA Gospel Choir. They did an amazing job. At this point the song was a very traditional gospel soul song, and I obviously wanted it to feel modern and different to anything anyone had done, so I got in touch with my good friend Atom and we rearranged and produced the song into what it is now. I rewrote a lot of my lyrics, and jumped back into the studio.

Where did you record, who did you record with and why? I have recorded most of my music at RADA Studios with Dan Carrol. A lot of WA artists record there. The reason I like to oppose to other studios is the vibe in the studio; it has a very warm feeling, so you immediately feel comfortable when you are there. Also, I have developed a great rapport with Dan, and feel comfortable recording one line with him 100 times until it is right haha.

What influenced your decision to record with the WAAPA Gospel Choir? WAAPA as a whole is an amazing resource in WA, and I have been working with a lot of people from WAAPA over the past few years. The people who go through WAAPA do not only have amazing talent, but also the professionalism is second to none. I heard the WAAPA Gospel Choir on a recording, and immediately hit up Matt Allen the lead of the choir.

The worst thing that happened during recording was…: When we recorded the piano the first time, one of the keys was faulty, and we didn’t realise ‘til later, so we had to come back a second time and re-record the whole piano part.

But the best thing was…: The choir. They sound AMAZING on the record, but when I saw them in the studio, it was something really special.

What was inspiring you during the making of this record? Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen a few relationships fall apart with good friends, and I was holding a grudge over them due to my own pride and I realized how stupid I was being. It was the main reason I thought about writing this song. I think we can all try to forgive a little more than we do.

Why do you think a gospel choir and hip hop make a good match? The roots of hip hop are soul and jazz, and gospel music fits right in there. Gospel music, like hip hop, is to touch your soul and send a message while doing it. I think they are a perfect fit. Who knows, my next release could be all gospel hip hop haha.

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Outside Looking In EP Launch Tour
with special guests to be announced

19 August, Belleville, Melbourne
1 September, Transit Bar, Canberra
2 September, Chippendale Hotel, Sydney
15 September, The Rosemount, Perth
16 September, Rocket Bar, Adelaide

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