[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Band: APES

Answered by: Benjamin Dowd

Position/role: Vocalist/guitarist

Give us your wicked-cool backstory. Where did the name come from and how did you start out? Hahaha… I wish there was a wicked-cool backstory. But it was pretty simple. Went and saw Planet Of The Apes that week with Sam and kinda just went with it. I guess it had James Franco in it and he is wicked-cool.

If your sound had to be described as a meal, what would it be? We once had a review of a song saying it was ‘meat and ‘tatters’ rock. I guess it may have been relevant at the time. I see us more us a curry now. Maybe a korma or a vindaloo? Lots of spicy bits in it.

What is Stranger Than Strangers about? What messages or themes run through the album? Well I can’t speak for James on what the lyrics he has written for the record mean… Sometimes what you read or hear isn’t necessarily what the artist is trying to say. But for myself I found I was writing a lot of stuff about insecurities about truly being yourself and the characters and faces you put on and wear growing up. Also about growing tired of doing that haha. Your early 20s is a strange time in your life. You’re trying to figure out the person you’re going to be for the next chapter. I’m sure i’ll say the same thing about my 30s.

Tell us about your single Filter – what’s your creative process like? Filter was written over a very brief period of… four years. It’s seen a lot of different variances. I think that’s why it’s come out the way it has. We kinda just pulled out our favourite parts of it over time and put it all together into something somewhat coherent.

Where did you record and why? Who did you work with? We recorded some of it at Red Door Studios out in Collingwood, some stuff at our homes and the bulk of it at Sing Sing. We had four different people mix on this record… Michael Belsar was the glue throughout it all. He produced the record. Even though all the songs have different sounds and vibes with all the different mixes and places we recorded. Having him along for the ride gave it a certain reoccurring vibe.

The worst thing that happened during recording was…: Fortunately we didn’t have any of those horror stories of loosing hard drives or computers with files and stems on it. I guess how long it took for us to finally get to the finish line on it was the worst thing. But I guess you only get to write a first record once. So make sure you’re happy with it.

But the best thing was…: Finally getting that email with the final masters haha! But as cheesy as it might sound, it was all the best. Even the worst was the best, because it’s all part of process.

The most boring thing about you is: Hmmm… Our first single Seven was pretty much three chords and just counting. Boring, or genius? You decide.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]