We got metal bands Lowgazer, Scavenger I Become and Burial At Sea to compile a mixtape of their fave metal and hard rock songs from Aussie bands ahead of their Battle Of The Genres gig on Sun 8 October, at Rad Bar.

Lowgazer are based in Sydney and Wollongong playing a blend of progressive metal, metalcore and djent. Recently released our first EP Fragments and interestingly enough this will be the first time we’re performing it in its entirety.

Song 1: Dispossession – Northlane
Dispossession is a song we cover. We think it’s a really awesome song and we’ve all seen it played live.

Song 2: Romance Is Dead – Parkway Drive
Parkway Drive was one of the original Australian metalcore bands to take off and tour internationally with so much success so they are a big influence to us, especially when we were younger.

Song 3: Shutterspeed – Karnivool
Shutterspeed is a song we love because it’s got so many different elements from different genres within metal so it’s always been a big influence in our writing and playing styles.

Scavenger I Become
Scavenger I Become are from the always sunny Central Coast, we enjoy playing heavy music of the metalcore genre. We’re about to release our debut EP Spiral//Stae on the 29 October, which features our first two singles An Ever Surrounding and A Frail Idol.

Song 1: Revile – Down Royale
For the groovyness and catchiness of the song.

Song 2: Dead Message – As Paradise Falls
The song has a good melodic touch.

Song 3: 300 – Simon Grove
Heaviness and instrumentation is well written.

Burial At Sea
Burial At Sea are a metalcore Central Coast band, wanting to share a message of hope and love. We released our debut EP, Unforsaken, late 2016 and take influences from progressive, black metal to melodic hardcore and punk.

Song 1: Wash Away – Ambleside
Our punky side is really inspired by this band. The lighter variety in our sound sits well with their style.

Song 2: Widower – Make Them Suffer
The heavies of BAS! progressive breakdowns, nasty rhythms, keys and filthy vocals come straight from the might MTS.

Song 3: Break Of Dawn – For All Eternity
Our love for clean vocals, melodic guitars and catchy, provocative lyrics are a direct link to the awesome FAE.

Dead Sun Promotions presents BATTLE OF THE GENRES!
Pop Punk VS Metal! Who will win?

As We Fall, Starting Monday, Fiveash

Lowgazer, Scavenger I Become, Burial At Sea

8 October, Rad Bar, Doors 6pm
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