With a pure and raw RnB influenced voice that cuts through the chilled ’90s-esque vibe, Pain Body sees singer-songwriter Zeadala staking a claim for one of the freshest voices in Australia right now and you can groove to it first right here on Lunchbox.

Inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now and his writings of living in the here and now, Zeadala wanted to write about self-love and how to be true to yourself, impressing that self-empowerment and self-compassion are things to be proud of and shouldn’t ever be seen as negatives. The book also talks about how we all have a pain body to work through, the culmination of the emotional pain that builds up within us throughout our lives.

“Growing up, I never learnt that while I had empathy and understanding for others, that this same compassion could be extended to myself”.

The track, packing a vibe that will have you seriously swaying, was produced by up-and-comer, Chunkyluv, and provides a smooth soundtrack that promotes the fun and fearless expression of authenticity.

The video for Pain Body, set amongst an urban skate park backdrop, showcases strong and talented women (including dancers and martial artists) working through their own pain bodies to move, dance and promote positive energy.

You can find the track now on all platforms as well.

Zeadala will launch her single in an intimate setting at Hustle & Flow in Redfern tonight, the 30th of May. Take the chance to watch her perform in a small space that you may never see her in again.