Secretly watching someone get ready for their day hasn’t been this funny since that bathroom scene in The Truman Show.

(Note: secretly watching anyone do anything is definitely not okay and should be avoided unless it’s watching your mum hide the Chrissy presents or pretending not to monitor your partner while they’re cooking…)

Just slow down and focus on the things that make you feel good,” is the message of Baby Blue‘s breezy new single Big Picture. Leading by example, the Melbourne garage four-piece gathered a group of notable heads and plonked them in front of the mirror-come-camera in a cute but pointed montage of our morning routine’s autopilot.

Lifted off their EP Do What You Like (out now via NEAT LAWN), Big Picture holds a mirror (literally) up to the audience, placing us in the position of a voyeur as we witness the private morning routines of recognisable faces from the local music community.

In what looks like a recipe for a serious poke in the eye, the morning’s preparations (drying hair, putting on face masks and makeup etc.) are done by out-of-shot persons unknown.

Ever tried brushing someone else’s teeth? It doesn’t look easy.

“We’d have to rehearse what we were doing and sort of figure out the best ways for the arms to move around before shooting. It took a bit of practice and a lot of keen eyes to make it work,” explained lead singer Rhea Caldwell.

Her dog even makes an appearance. Caldwell explains: “I had a small bag full of treats to try to lure him onto the table calmly and he knocked them out of my hand and went crazy eating them and running around the warehouse.

“It was the exact opposite of what we had hoped for when planning the shot and bringing him on set. It was a beautiful moment once he finished finding all the treats and we finally got him to ‘brush his teeth’.”

The kooky video features appearances from Rhea Caldwell, Hollie Joyce, Max Sheldrake-Falovic, Adelie Hannibal, Giuliano Ferla, Nathanael Riley, Fabian Hunter, Sarah Walker, Mikey Hill, Wagon (the dog), Sarah Guppy, Will Evans, Etta Curry, Cameron Ford, Ry Wilkin, Beci Orpin, Mike Greaney, Leyla Varela, Brigitta Scarfe, Tristan Harrs, Alexandra Duguid, and Joshua Coleman.

“The Melbourne music community is good like that. Everyone is keen to lend a hand in whatever way they can… Pun intended,” she laughs.

Kicking off their tour next week, Baby Blue will be joined by awesome local acts from each city they’re hitting up, beginning in Melbourne on Friday (6 July) with The Ocean Party and Emilee South along for the ride. Plus Georgia Spain in Castlemaine and Bree Tranter + Quivers in Adelaide. Classic will open in both Sydney and Wollongong, with Bored Shorts also performing in the Gong, while Cools Sounds and Seagull will accompany them in Ballarat.

Baby Blue ‘Do What You Like’ EP Tour

6 July, The Curtin, Melbourne, VIC
13 July, Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine, VIC
14 July, Exeter Hotel, Adelaide, SA
20 July, Marly Bar, Sydney, NSW
21 July, Rad Bar, Wollongong, NSW
4 Aug, The Eastern, Ballarat, VIC