Looking for something to help you get through the final hours of the week? Tumble into Friday evening with the release of the new lyric video for St. Humain’s second single Free Fall – a smooth and reflective electro-pop number that’ll wash away your stress and fill you with the promise of the weekend.

A catchy, uplifting alt-electro tune with strokes of soul, the single is about failure – a concept we are all familiar with – with the singer reflecting on his own failed attempt to become a professional sportsman. A new fresh breath of hope is introduced however when St. Humain sings of a higher love – whether that be a soulmate, God, another venture or a grander height to climb.

St. Humain – a genre-defying singer, songwriter and producer – was originally born in Singapore and is now based in Australia. The artist combines pop sensibilities with soul elements and a strong lyrical focus, weaving these elements among memorable melodies and easy-listening beats. His lyrics hold an honest tension between confidence and questioning, illustrating a distinctly human perspective on the world.

The lyric video is presented as a verticle experience tailored towards today’s mobile devices, with obvious throwbacks to the days of overhead projectors.”What do I do when my best simply isn’t good enough?” – I listen to someone who does it better. St. Humain certainly fits that criteria. This uplifting song paired with its unique music video is sure to get you through the final grind of this week.