It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re kicking back with some lo-fi VHS ’90s nostalgia in the form of Skyepaint‘s new music video for What Do You Say? 

Stuck for words? DW, this lyric vid will have you singing along in no time.

The Newcastle-based synth-pop/electronic music producer has taken inspiration from the early music videos of the likes of Client Liason and Eves Karydas to pump out a music video that works as a suitable backtrack to what is a catchy ’80s synth-pop influenced number that carries great emotional weight. To top it all off, the super-talented Skyepaint shot and edited the whole thing himself!

“The lyrics in What Do You Say are essentially meant to represent the internal monologue a person might have after an aspect of their life changes or ends abruptly, and the overall feeling of not knowing what your next steps are. It’s not always a bad thing when that happens and we often end up better off after an abrupt change, but it’s still jarring in the moment.”

The idea of including the lyrics of the song through the use of embossed labels stuck to his friend’s heads will have you singing along to the song word for word.

So what are you waiting for? Have a listen!