It’s a warm summer’s evening in Paris. You’re sitting alone on the balcony of your apartment. A wine glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Plumes of smoke swirl through the air as you stare out across the beautiful Parisian city. The streets below are bustling with young lovers whispering alluringly into each other’s ears. A soft breeze blows and you shiver. The shiver takes you back to a time when you once too were in love. A time of passion and pleasure. All that’s left to reminisce upon now are ghostly shadows of past caresses and soft kisses.

That’s the kind of stimulation the new clip for BYM. by SIILA (A.K.A Carley Austin) arouses.But before delving into the pleasurable clip, let’s first get know a little about this up-and-comer artist. SIILA has been making music since the tender age of 8,

“I used to write songs about your typical child crises like when Daniel didn’t invite me to his year 4 party, or when I felt I had too many emotions (that song was called ‘The Jar Inside Me’, shown at my 21st birthday, oh god!”

Is there a video of this anywhere we can watch? Purely for educational purposes… and so we can all have a good laugh. Being at your own 21st, I imagine it was a bit of a train wreck.

Speaking of train wrecks – it’s been said that your twenties are a tumultuous time in life. A time to make mistakes. A time to find yourself. A time to really get out there and go fuck yourself right up the ass because you still have plenty of years ahead of you to fix the damage and revert to normalcy. For SIILA this was a time to discover what she truly had passion for,

“It came to my early twenties, I had a really horrible bad band ‘break-up’ experience. I was shattered and lost, and felt like I had to restart my music journey after years of singing country and indie music with this group. It was during this time I discovered electronic music. I was fixated by this genre, I was inspired by a world of new artists, and began working with producers and writing to a new flavour.”

The proverbial saying ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ truly applies here. I’m no psychologist but I believe that no matter how bad a situation gets or how you feel inside, there’s always a little good to come out of it in some shape or form. Thankfully, for SIILA (and now us) that has come in the form of her current project,

“SIILA was a project I began about 2 years ago… The chords and lyrics I was writing were moody, sombre, and sultry. All things that people wouldn’t associate my everyday personality with and so I attempted to channel it through a hidden alter-ego (I know that sounds weird). So, I decided to write and perform as SIILA. She’s much more fierce and confident, and I could express myself more freely.”

So SIILA is an alter-ego. Much like Batman. Or Superman. Would it be too bold a statement to compare musicians to our comic book/cinematic superheroes here?

There’s no denying musicians have a major influence over our lives. Their music has the incredible ability to unearth emotions from the deepest darkest depths of our souls to make us feel things that we never thought possible. Music creates a sense of nostalgia, and that is a very special power indeed.

The track BYM. has loads of nostalgic flavour. It’s like a delicious honey pot of RnB and soul with an electric pop twist. The soothing tune goes down like Manuka honey on a sore throat. It’s really beautiful, and a little bit heartbreaking. It sounds like a bit of a love song. Or possibly a love lost,

“It all came together quite naturally. The lyrics just rolled off my tongue – something so unusual for my writing process. I guess it was easy because it was about my ex-partner, and what came from a relationship where I once felt subverted. It’s about being infatuated by someone, letting them go, then throwing this newly found confidence and self-assuredness in their face. All light-heartedly of course! BYM. is a low-key anthem for the ladies.”

*cue gentle sobs and tears rolling down cheeks*

If you flick to the bottom of the page you’ll get to bathe in all the feminine power and sensuality that makes BYM. The clip itself is pretty sweet ‘n’ spicy, complete with animations by Sydney animator Todd Logan.

SILLA describes her clip as “red, dark, moody; yet amorous and sweet. Todd wanted to compliment the storyline, tone, and my body language, through added delineation … It only took a few hours and was shot at his partners terrace house. The flower scenes weren’t planned – we were just on a roll.”

If you’re hungry for more SIILA syrupy goodness after watching the clip – never fear! She does have a few tunes sizzling in the pot that will be coming to our tables soon,

“One is like BYM.’s big brother. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. The other one is completely different – more electronic with a beat that makes you move. It’s a secret for now… But watch this space!

We will have our eyes glued to your socials. Please hurry though.