Soul/hip-hop duo Planetself are back at it with their soul-awakening, spiritual and inspiring tunes with an unreleased track from their latest EP, High Tide.

Since Planetself’s formation, Jules and Charli have used their musical platform for good and carry an important connection with the Earth close to their hearts.

Their latest single, The Movement, set to be released on February 8, draws inspiration from evolution, Kali Yuga, the sun, moon, stars and the bigger vibration in all.

With production by group member Inkswel (Jules), complimenting the heart-warming vocals of Charli Umami, this tracks represents the natural unison of an uprising.

“We need unity in numbers to create a real strength in change. This is the underlying message,” Planetself explained.

“As we collaborated with Ras G in LA and John Robinson in New York, it also shows that borders are not restrictions. We are all unified to make change all over the planet and in this case, via the music.”

It only takes a small spark to create and facilitate change as demonstrated by Planetself themselves.

“We, the people, are that very movement. It’s very hard to feel powerless in the current day to day vibe – especially with the powers that are telling us to stick in a box and behave. The mastery of it all is that the powers don’t exist without us. We create that. We just need to find that realisation and re-write the script.”

Produced by Ras G, The Movement features a guest appearance from John Robinson, who also appears on High Tide.

“We are huge fans of Ras G. He is a modern-day mastermind on the beats and probably one of our favourite producers. Jules met him on his first Australian tour many years ago and they bonded over vegan burritos, Sun Ra records and weed. They kept in touch and the connection re-surfaced for Planetself later.

“John Robinson is also an old friend of ours. We worked with him on our High Tide album and Jules’ first release was in 2009 with him on a single release. He visited Australia for the first time recently and we did a few local shows and vibes. It’s all family.”

Planetself’s next single, Crusin, will drop with a music video in the coming months. Two EP’s will be released later in the year with a UK and US label, catering for some different angles, but with similar vibes.

The Movement will be available on February 8 via Spotify. Pre-save it here.