Like a fruit, slowly growing to ripeness, this debut track from Melbourne producer, PEACH, grows and blooms to reveal a lush, smooth and beautiful cascade of sweet electronica on Faded, premiering today on LunchBox.

PEACH is born out of the mind of Craig Kemp, a member of electronic duo, noti. who now, in a solo guise, has created a new project.
“I learnt a lot by being in noti,” [with his good mate, Rick Berry] “We’re still together, but I just wanted to try something that I had complete creative control over.”

Starting with delicate ice drops and a bass that hits the cockles, the song develops into an orgasm of sound in your ears. Featuring the lifting vocals of long-time friend and collaborator, Kenny Berthelot (aka KOBA), Faded was the perfect way to launch his own style. “It was like working with an old friend, but fresh.”

Faded laments the end of a relationship with a sweet sigh, acceptance coming through the expression of hurt and anger wrapped up in textured harmonies a melody that rolls and floats you along from start to finish.

Take a listen to LunchBox’s premiere of PEACH’s debut track below.

Craig is a busy guy. When he’s not teaching guitar, ukulele or bass, he’s writing scores for films, short documentaries and TV ads. It’s during these moments of inspiration, writing for others, that his own music blooms. “Sometimes writing for others, turns into my own stuff,” explains Craig.

Having moved to Melbourne straight after finishing school, he has become surrounded by ex-Canberrans who moved there for uni and stayed. “The scene here is amazing. There are so many great musicians around.”

Craig is excited to release a treasure-trove of tracks he’s been working on. “I’ve got so many songs that I’m going through. Look out for a few singles and an EP next year!”

Faded is just the start of what Craig hopes will become a prolific and fruitful project.