A Mad Cactus sounds like something you’d find in the backyard of a fictional character.

Funnily enough, it’s also the name of the best new rock‘n’roll band to come out of Adelaide, and who will be joining all your ‘make me feel like a badass’ playlists very soon.

Mad Cactus are a band not to be fucked with (and we’re not talking about the spikes) especially once their debut album Thirteen Dogs drops on June 15th.

Thirteen Dogs is an eight-track LP recorded and produced by Dan Murtagh at Debasement Studios in Melbourne.

Thirsty for a sneak peek? Have a big ‘ol drink of Gone Home Yesterday which we’re stoked to premiere today!

Bassist and co-songwriter Jake Long says that the track “reminds me of songs I wrote before I cared what people thought of them, when I was writing for myself and my passions at the time.

“The lyrics relate to that moment in a relationship where both parties silently acknowledge that the bitter end could have been avoided if they had simply been honest and upfront years ago, and gone home yesterday.”

You’ll get hooked on their head-banging riffage reminiscent of Rage Against The Machine and Soundgarden, with Muse-inflected vocals moving you to sing along. It’s rock’n’roll just as we like it – pulsing guitars, hard-hitting drums and a killer clean vocal spearing you right in the feels.

Gone Home Yesterday will have you feeling as mad as the San Pedro cacti and rocking out through one psychoactive dimension to the next.