Hey guys!

It’s that special time that we know you all look forward to. That’s right, it’s premiere time! Where Lunchbox gives all of our beautiful readers an exclusive first listen to some of the best new tracks coming from some of the most promising up-and-coming Australian artists.  And boy… This one’s a good one.

That’s right, coming to you from Perth is electro-pop duo Leopard Lake with their new single, Further.

This upbeat electronic dream of a track features the vocal talents of Storm Wyness who described the track as a “science-fiction-romance pop song.”

That’s right science fiction fans, it’s Stranger Things/Rick and Morty meets electro-pop and it’s every bit as interesting as it sounds!

As producer Sam Ford put it himself, “Further is based on the idea of parallel universes, particularly around a relationship that is neither real or imagined but hidden in another reality.

What are you waiting for guys? Grab your portal gun and take a journey into the Upside Down Dimension by becoming fully immersed in this interdimensional masterpiece.

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!