It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

…Or is it?

Kay Proudlove, singer-songwriter from Wollongong,  has lent her creative mind and sweet vocals to a tongue-in-cheek take on the silly season.

The result? A hilariously honest Christmas song.

Giftcard is a wry and cheeky track with edgy lyrics disguised in Proudlove’s dreamy indie-folk composition. Inspired by the all too common  “where did the time go?” comment from friends and family, the song was brought to life only in October.

I finished it pretty quickly, in a couple of hours,” Proudlove explained, striking inspiration from her own personal feelings around this (often) testing time of year.

“I really did get drunk before attending church with my family one Christmas Eve, and I’ve also been known to leave all of my shopping till the last minute.”

Has there ever been a topic more relatable?

The video for Giftcard captures the song’s sentiment in another dimension. Shot across a number of locations from a local shopping centre, Christmas warehouse and even a Christmas tree farm (that’s commitment right there), Proudlove has worked to depict the very essence of the Christmas spirit – and just how awkward it is for us all.

“We left a lot of it up to improvisation…” Proudlove revealed, despite the fact that the video suggests a tightly planned shot-listing.

“The Santa photo was a spur of the moment decision but is one of my favourite parts in the clip… We also hadn’t even seen what was in the Christmas Warehouse beforehand, but we’re delighted to find a bunch of awkward-looking Santa dolls and more than enough inflatables.”

And if improvising a music video isn’t ballsy enough, Proudlove fearlessly braves the bemused stares of passers-by as she dons possibly one of the best Christmas jackets of all time.   

“I knew the finished product would outweigh any awkwardness I felt, so I just girded my tinsel and lived my best Christmas tree life.”

The real Christmas miracle of the clip is perhaps the giant Christmas decorations.

They were unplanned and amazing. We were walking down aisles of the farm looking for the most picturesque row of trees to shoot between when we turned a corner and saw five giant, shiny balls gleaming up at us.”

Yet in all the “magic and desperation” of the holiday season, Proudlove hasn’t lost sight of what’s important at this time of year.

“Every year my Mum and I go and see one of my favourite songwriters, Darren Hanlon, at his Christmas show. Music plays a big part in Christmas for me.”

Sharing the special moments (and music, of course) of the season with loved ones is really what Christmas is all about.

But we can’t forget the gifts.

“I really love giving people gifts, but only if I know they will love them. For the record, I still think a gift card is perfectly fine and very useful.”

Get yourself into the Christmas spirit, we won’t judge if you put Giftcard on repeat.

Kay Proudlove Tour

December 19, Puckey’s Christmas Market, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, NSW

December 31, 19-twenty NYE Party, Shoalhaven Heads Bowling and Recreation Club, Shoalhaven Heads, NSW

January 6, Summer Meadow Music, Marakoopa Cafe, Mole Creek, Tasmania

January 11 – 13, Cygnet Folk Festival, Cygnet, Tasmania

January 19, Illawarra Folk Festival, Bulli, NSW

January 23, Rad Bar, Wollongong NSW