Today is the day we release our first single premiere of the year. Strap yourselves in because this one’s a goodun’!

Hailing from the sunny Gold Coast, indie-rock three-piece Blaire have smashed into 2018 with their killer new track, Youth.

Youth is a driving post-punk exploration of everyday monotony. Impeccably composed, the boys take shoegaze to new heights with washed out grunge and garage elements, whirring rhythm guitars and building tension. Heavier sections staggered throughout are reminiscent of My Bloody Valentine, adding texture and weight, while lead vocalist Ben Stagg gives out equal quintessentially Australian pub rock vibes and Franz Ferdinand-esque tonality.

As Stagg puts it himself, “The song came about very organically—we’ve never aimed to write anything in particular. Youth is about natural repetition – sometimes certain feelings or emotions can feel like Groundhog Day (or year) especially in your youth. This is the sonic translation of that idea.”

Blaire push the boundaries of genre through a collision of influences, from Defeater and More Than Life, to artists like Conan Mockasin and Smashing Pumpkins.

“I feel we don’t really belong anywhere, it feels right playing in DIY venues like the ones I grew up going to – which is a weird kinda non-existent scene at the moment. I hope people who already listen to this sort of stuff will get a kick out of it, in some way.”

Their Groundhog Day analogy couldn’t be more apt – we are going to be playing this track again and again and again.