I took these photos during my time in New York City recording at Diamond City Studios. It was such an incredible experience working with Joel Wittenberg and Ayad Al Adhamy, they brought the tracks to life and I’m so grateful that they were so welcoming and took me on. We had some crazy times and many existential crises; we listened to Talking Heads and Blondie a lot, ate an immense amount of hummus and Chinese food that we would order from China town.

I hope you enjoy these photos and that they are an insight into my time there!

“This is a solid tune.”

Ayad chilling at Diamond City Studios.

Chuck Taylors and some keys.

Danny concentrating on the wisdom of Ayad.

Have no idea what any of that does.

My view for a couple of weeks.

Not sure about the fashion choices, but behold Joel laying down some sick bass lines.

The day Ayad and Georgia had an existential crisis and decided to record one of the tracks in double time.

Things got emotional when the lights were dimmed.

This carpet was so soft ermagawd.