1 Sept, The Triffid

The Triffid was THE place to be for your Friday knock off drinks and party! Sydney’s Ocean Alley captivated the room full of punters for their sold-out show.

To kick the night off, Brisbane’s Shady Bliss got the celebrations cooking with their raucous and funky beats. The way the band was orientated on the stage made me feel as if you were hanging in their loungeroom, listening to a blissful jam session! The strums of the guitar, the ridiculously high vocals and the slams on the drum made it a rad combination. The group were welcomed with smiles and coos from the crowd when they went into their track Perception, released earlier this year.

“Thankyou so much Brisbane, we weren’t expecting such a big crowd like this,” said a cheerful Morgan Brown.

Keeping the positive spirits alive, The VANNS were no stranger to the crowd as they hit the stage. Everyone in the bandroom suddenly turned into a pack of animals when they quickly got into their set. After an awesome show at Solbar the night before, The VANNS continued their groove. This time it got a whole lot louder when they sang Skinny Legs (swoon!) Bringing their indie-rock vibes and soothing vocals, the room was instantly in awe. The VANNS were off the wall (terrible pun intended) finishing their show with Harder To Find leaving a grin on everyone’s faces.

“Cheers Brisbane! We’ll be down there soon so come have a beer with us” said Jimmy as he took a swig.

Shortly after The VANNS cleared their equipment, all eyes were on the intriguing Ocean Alley banner that was pinned on the back wall. They promptly walked out on the stage, the roar of the crowd was insane! With no time to waste, they jumped straight into Overgrown.

They performed an “oldie but goldie” track, Weary Eyed. There was not one person in the crowd who didn’t know the lyrics to the song and Baden Donegal was nothing but ecstatic. “Brisbane you are fucking lit!” cheered Lach Galbraith.

Topping the night off, snaps to Donegal was egged on by punters to do a shoey. Taking one for the team, someone from the crowd surrendered their shoe. Coming to a close, Ocean Alley infused the room with their infectious, reggae melodies with not one, but two songs for an encore. Leaving a zesty feeling with their track Lemonworld, fans were pleased for one last time.