Imagine you’re eating a pie. Not just any old pie. You’re sinking your teeth into a wavy slice of groovy-licious pie. The flavours on your tongue taste colourful whilst you’re chewing. You swallow and it’s gone. Your cravings for another piece grow strongly and you would do just about anything for another taste of that sensual delectable groovy-licious pie in your mouth. This is what listening to Ocean Alley’s new reggae/rock album Chiaroscuro feels like.

Baden Donegal (vocals), Angus Goodwin (lead guitar), Nic Blom (bass guitar), Lach Galbraith (keys/vocals), Mitch Galbraith (rhythm guitar), and Tom O’Brien (drums) compliment each other’s sound so goddamn well on Chiaroscuro – it’s chia-ridiculous. The vocals are sexy, the guitar rifts are ethereal, the keys are funky, the bass is groovy, and the drums are banging. Everything is titillating.

The tunes are flowing but the lyrics on most tracks are simple. This only adds to their beauty and sincerity. Happy Sad will have tears rolling down your cheeks as your heart aches while reminiscing nostalgically over a long lost love. Knee’s will have you on your knees, then on your back, lying in the grass… inhaling some grass. Confidence will have your body moving slowly in the right direction and touching yourself in all the good places – alone. And Frostbite is a just a downright wicked banga.

Chiaroscuro lives up to its name. It’s a thickly textured album layered with different colours and feelings. Some light and some dark. Some happy and some sad. It will take your soul places it’s never been before and leave you questioning if you can actually handle being in those places. Especially if you’re smoking a nug while you’re at it.


Released: 9 March, 2018 via Independent/UNIFIED Music Group