Having established himself as one of the world’s most revered electronic acts, it’s hard to believe that What So Not, aka Chris Emerson has not yet released an album. However, the wait is indicative of his craftsmanship and patience as a producer, with each track on Not All The Beautiful Things being more three-dimensional than the last and still earning screams of approval from the dancefloor.

Electronic music is soaring at the moment and with artists such as What So Not, this is no surprise. With a slew of EPs under his belt, including 2016’s widely-praised Divide & Conquer, What So Not is ready to unleash a full-length album that’ll surprise even his more seasoned fans.

GOH sees an outstanding collaboration between What So Not and Skrillex, and features KLP. Two talented electronic artists have come together to produce a track you’ll fall in love with instantly. Ever heard of love at first sight? Well, this is love at first listen.

From tracks that will get you hitting the dancefloor such as Bottom End, to more calming tracks such as Same Mistakes, What So Not has established and maintained a sound that will appeal to everyone.

Not All The Beautiful Things is a pure expression of What So Not’s trailblazing vision and a defiant release that shows his remarkable evolution over the years.

Guests on the album include collaborator Skrillex, while fellow Australian breakout stars such as Slumberjack and BUOY also appear. Daniel Johns, best known as the former frontman of legendary Australian rock band Silverchair, lends his versatile vocals to the project. Perhaps, most eyebrow-raising of all, rock legends Toto also feature on the album! This follows years of What So Not dropping their hit Africa, in his sets.

This record completely contradicts the title, because one thing’s for sure: NATBT is all the beautiful things combined. An essential for any party playlist.


Released: March 9, 2018 via Sweat It Out.