Hey wassup, I’m Amastro. I make electronic music that hopefully makes you feel feels. I’m trying to bridge the gap between transferring soul into computer-based music on this new EP – hopefully ya dig! Been touring and playing some festivals around Oz all summer, hope to see you around the winter tour and that you enjoy my new single Don’t Let Me. 

Song 1: Mon Amour (ft. Austen) – Kuren

The emotionally-driven lyrics in this are matched by the incredibly clean and dope production. I love it and I put it on so many sets. I love the way it actually tells a relatable story. Kuren’s ma boi and if you haven’t heard of him yet you soon will! BIG TINGS!

Song 2: LaputaHiatus Kaiyote

The lush synths in this track immediately take me to a beautiful green field full of flowers. When the raw AF vocals come in, you can’t help but oooooft!

Song 3: Take Me (ft. KLP)- SLUMBERJACK

SLUMBERJACK are a massive vibe, always. But this new EP is something else. I love the way they blend cultures into electronic music – in this track especially. The structure of this track is different and instead of a standard form it seems to just be one big cluster of ‘fuck yeah’, with a verse in the middle. Dope.

Song 4: Battas (ft. LissA) – Mazde

Perfect blend between banga and chilla. Definitely a chilla but you can pump it and it still bangs! That simple but effective drop just makes me move.

Song 5: Lay Down – DMA’S

The lads are always laying down crackers, but this is my fave screamer! At a fezzy, there’s nothing better than just yelling this one at the top of your lungs with ya mates.

Song 6: Girlie Bits – Ali Barter
Love the message behind this one. Hate that it needs to exist. Ali Barter smashes it with the descriptive lyrics, and sails right past my male privilege and into the feels. You go girl!

Song 7: Adore – Amy Shark

I’m a sucker for beautiful female voices and heart-wrenching lyrics. I got teary first time I heard this, and felt proud when it came second in the Hottest 100. One of the best songs of 2016, easy.

Song 8: I Want U – Alison Wonderland

Essentially, this song that put me on the path of making electronic music. Alison Wonderland is my #1 idol and inspires the shit outta me. This is her best, IMO.

Song 9: Work Me Out (ft. Rye Rye) – Paces

Nothing like a bit of Paces to turn that frown upside down. This bopper is just an all-‘round fun song – good for a BBQ or any chill event. I’m smilin’ ATM listening to it.

Song 10: Never Be Like You (ft. Kai) – Flume

Corny, but IDGAF. This is the best vocally-driven electronica/pop song ever written.

Groovin The Moo 2017 

28 April, Adelaide Showground, Wayville, SA

29 April, Maitland Showground, Maitland, NSW

30 April, Murray Sports Complex, Townsville Cricket Grounds, Annandale, QLD

6 May, Bendigo’s Price of Wales Showground, Bendigo, VIC

7 May, University of Canberra, Bruce, ACT

13 May, Hay Park, Bunbury, WA

Tickets HERE