[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hey we’re TOTTY (Chris and Kelly). We are a lo-fi/shed/dog rock band from Wollongong. We formed the band in early 2017, in a shed at Kell’s mum’s house and named it after our dog. We’ve put out two singles, one’s called RIFF and one’s called SIGH. We’ve got a bunch of shows coming up including some cool festivals like Sounds Of The Suburbs so if you like our tunes come to a show and say g’day!

Song 1: Mayo – Grouse
This song has all the things that make songs good in it. Has a heaps good singsong bit, and it’s heaps chill but heaps loud too. Chris plays in this band too so we’re kind of like sibling bands or something.

Song 2: Can’t Run Without Legs – Archy Punker
Archy Punker is one of the best Wollongong bands ever. The whole EP is so underrated for how good it is.

Song 3: Home Sick – Dune Rats
Gives us heaps of nostalgic but also feel good vibes. Up the rar.

Song 4: Get Better – White Blanks
The boys are sick. The music’s sick. Marcus is a wizard.

Song 5: Same Same -WAAX
We only discovered WAAX recently, and ever since then we’ve been playing them non-stop. We love ‘em.

Song 6: Ya Mum’s Ya Dad – Good Boy
Good Boy are very good boys. Ya Mum’s Ya Dad is a very good song. Everything they write is a very good. Goooood.

Song 7: Church Of The Snake – Mesa Cosa
Mesa Cosa played at Rad Bar in the Gong once and the guitarist did a boardslide down the stairs on his guitar mid song and I’ve never seen anyone do that before or after. So they win guitar playing competition.

Song 8: My Street – Dumb Punts 
Dumb Punts are some of the best people you’ll ever meet, and this song is such a gooden. Real homey. UP THE PUNTS!

Song 9: Probably Won’t Die For A While – Skegss
Reminds us that we probably won;t die for a while which is pretty sick. More time to play music. We love Skegss and are so grateful for ‘em.

Song 10: Stay In – Horror My Friend
Marcus from White Blanks played us the album and we fell in puppy love. Amazing band and amazing song.