Tobacco Rat is the solo project of accomplished WA producer/composer Jake Steele. Whilst previously performing in Kucka, Injured Ninja and conducting audiovisual beat experimentations as Yarhkob, Tobacco Rat is a new alias through which Steele can delve deeper into darker, subterranean music styles.

Tobacco Rat combines elements of heavy electronic hip hop, industrial trap, dancehall and techno beats into experimental bass music. Field recordings play a huge part in Tobacco Rat’s sound; Steele, who works in the construction industry by day, scours the yards to drag out all manner of scrap metal and machinery parts, then utilising their sonic properties to record industrial-sounding samples.

Tobacco Rat is a project ideally experienced live, where an array of elements comes together for a dynamic and engaging live show. Smoke machines and reactive visuals (tailor-made for the music by Steele) create an electrifying atmosphere made all the more intriguing with the use of multiple MIDI controllers on stage to trigger samples and FX on-the-go, all controlled by a giant albino rat.

Song 1: Divide & Conquer – What So Not
What So Not brings an absolute firestorm with this track and you can’t not get amped to this.

Song 2: It Don’t Matter – Moonbase
Moonbase has been killing it for a while now and this latest track featuring Anderson .Paak totally slams!

These two dudes kill it with every track. The production is amazing.

Song 4: Ambushed – Layla
The undisputed queen of Australian hip hop the fire Layla spits can melt steel beams.

Song 5: The Buzz – Hermitude ft. Mataya & Young Tapz
These guys are one of my favourite acts and they also rock a pretty damn impressive live show.

Song 6: Get Faded – Kito ft. Tara Carosielli 
Kito produces some really interesting music that can be pretty and banging at the same time!

Song 7: Meltdown – Zeke Beats
Zeke makes some of the most banging beats in Australia and his live show is absolutely ridiculous. Expect to see this guy headlining festivals soon.

Song 8: Welcome To Mayhem – PhaseOne ft. In Hearts Wake
Only came across this guy recently when I heard this track live but it absolutely blew me away.

Song 9: The Hunted – Dysphemic
I have been following Dysphemic’s music for years now and he constantly puts out high-quality releases in the dubstep/glitch hop/D’n’B realm and this new cut from his forthcoming album is no different!

Song 10: Hyperreal – Flume ft. Kucka
Everybody knows this guy’s got the goods but this collaboration with Kucka is so fresh. I think it’s a pretty damn special song.