Space Boys – astronaut jams and filthy noise hailing from the gong.

We are currently touring about the NSW East Coast to support our latest release Suspicious Jams II: Space Devils Symphony.

It’s pretty loud, don’t show your mum.

We made a mixtape of all the favourite bands we have played with these past few months (good pals with good tunes) and we think they’re all pretty sick so if you do too that’s pretty mad. Have a suss, get on down to a show if you’re in the neighbourhood!

Song 1: Tally Ho – Viral Eyes
These guys have a unique sound and an absolutely killer live performance. Viral Eyes will be joining us in Newcastle for our show on the 21 September at The Lass, it’s gonna be a bloody ripper!

Song 2: Danger Can – Shaun Oakley & The Boys
You know those people you meet and then further down the line your friendship seems so strong that you forget how you met? It’s one of those situations with these fellas. These guys know how to get shit done and they tell you what you wanna know straight up. The gang has recently teamed up with the same label we’re on (shout out to White Lodge Records!) for their latest release and it’s a bloody whopper.

Song 3: Gums + Teeth – Wavevom
The guys from Wavevom are an incredible Newy-heavy, in-ya-face band with such a nice warm lo-fi sound that makes you wanna pump durries on the beach with your girlfriend. Also, the most loving and hospitalising people whenever we pass through on tour.

Song 4: $300 Bag – The Darrans
We got these boys on for our show on the 29 September in Narrabeen at Sunk Bar and this song is some of the most raw punk shit that we’ve heard. Stoked on The Darrans since we heard bout’ em.

Song 5: Church Of The Snake – Mesa Cosa
Last time these boys were in town we had the pleasure of adding them onto our headliner show at Rad Bar for the release of our first EP. Then we strapped ourselves in for one hell of a show and an even more crazy kickons.

Song 6: PJ Ramona – POWLA
We’re really bummed these guys don’t play as much, but we’re really excited that we got to live at the same time this music was released. Absolute banger.

Song 7: Hullabaloo – Dangerpenny
One time we had a ball after a gig and maybe a few too many VBs, the boys got a quench for the drink of their motherland and we had to go searching for a pub with XXXX, eventually leading us to be kicked out and back at our place in a matter of no time, these fellas are producing some quality shit up north!

Song 8: Burnt Out Fire – Hoon
We’re so similar and love all the same shit as these guys, it’s kind of surprising we haven’t merged into one big supergroup already! These hoons are about to embark on a crazy big tour soon for their own album too which is absolutely mental!