Outside The Academy is Pawel Cholewa (pronounced Pa-vell Ho-liv-er); a nomadic producer and multi-instrumentalist who has “the balance between experimental and euphonics just right” (Jae Salmon – 4ZZZ). Cholewa is currently based in Melbourne, producing much of his music together with Steve Tyssen (King Of The North, Greenthief), whilst also teaching and attempting to finish his PhD in Creative Writing.

Song 1: Thrice – I’lls
I’lls are one of my biggest musical influences. I don’t think there’s any other Australian group quite like them. Some of their music may actually defy certain electronic genres and parameters.

Song 2: In Retrospect – Battleships
In Retrospect is one of Battleships’ most beautifully constructed songs. Also, it captures the frustration of being misunderstood by stubborn, naïve and “stupid” people. Definitely a pretentious sentiment worth expressing (at times).

Song 3: The Revue – Twin Haus
I think this is one of the best and most boundary-pushing Australian bands, songs and EPs to come out of 2016.

Song 4: I Ran My Ghoul – I, a Man
Because I miss I, a Man. I wish they had never disbanded. This song is such a sweet, sincere and stunning masterpiece.

 Song 5: Touch Blue – Scraps
A simple, minimal, understated retro electronic gem, with just the right amount of kitsch value!

Song 6: Whiteboard – Ben Salter
Because of how ominous, frightening, cool, dark and progressive it is.

Song 7: 6teenDRE’am – GOVS
This is an elegant and dreamlike track. Every layer is perfect over those beautiful piano chords, whispery vocals and subtly finger-plucked guitar. I could listen to this song on repeat for hours.

Song 8: Help Me Out – LUCIANBLOMKAMP 
Just great production! What a pumping hybridised electronic tune. Kills me.

Song 9: Play Dead –  Wolver 
These guys are legends. The construction of this song is tight and excellent. Works brilliantly live. The vocals are so haunting too.

Song 10: Blink Your Eyes – Big Bad Echo
Because of its constant and progressive indie psychedelic flow. And those vocals! So raw. I’d even be tempted to try and find out if this song wasn’t recorded live?