My name is Nikkita Ra. I sing and rap. Some people have described my music as ‘celestial rap’. I’m not sure what that means though really. Atmospheric indie electronica? Here is a mixtape of amazing Aussie female-fronted bands and artists!

Song 1: Laputa – Hiatus Coyote
So beautiful and dreamy. This band is epic. Makes you proud to be an Aussie, aye?

Song 2: HERos (The Response) – Sampa The Great
Flows fo dayssss girl.

Song 3: Lungs – Ines The Iny
She’s super great live and the clip for this track is awesome too.

Song 4: Stack It Up – Milan Ring
She’s a great producer/singer. She also helped us out once or twice with She Rex (my old band) when our guitarist couldn’t make it. Mad chops on the guitar.

Song 5: Shuffle – Class A
Great collab between Class A, Melody Myla and Durban Poison. I used to do a lot of gigs with Class A. One of my best buddies for life with crazy talent and energy. My love so big for this girl.

Song 6: Tennies – Tkay Maidza
Mad respect for the hustle.

Song 7: Cut Sick – Jannah Beth
My homegirl and super-talent from Syd.

Song 8: Pacific Dreamer – Suiix
Another homegirl and super-talent from Syd.

Song 9: Chandelier – SIA
She’s one of Australia’s best exports. Such a big, big track. Can relate.

Song 10: Spit Me Out – Alphamama
Major personal inspiration.