Australian rapper, Miss Blanks, is your local fashion icon, internet celebrity and hip hop star, serving up unapologetic and raw raps and a stage presence like none other. Between her hot style, fire lyrics and an ass to drop jaws, Miss Blanks’ presence on the Australian music scene is becoming harder to ignore. Miss Blanks has already made her stamp on the industry, having opened for Little Simz (UK), Dai Burger (NY), and playing sold out festivals, Transgenre, Dark Mofo Festival, giving talks in London and New York for TED and NYU, as well as being recognised by industry heavyweights. Miss Blanks is here to stay, with raw sexuality and a strong message of positivity and femme empowerment, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Catch her at BIGSOUND in September!

Song 1: Clap Clap – Miss Blanks
As a boss anthem to honeys having a fat ass, it needed to be included in my LunchBox Mixtape. And plus, it’s my song and y’all need to get around this track for your next house party turn up.

Song 2: Bitcchh Boy (Body Bags) – Aywin
Aywin is absolute fire. She has incredible flow, style, and lyrics. Bitcchh Boy is a major shout out to all the assholes we have in our life and Aywin captured that message in this power track. Get it boo!

Song 3: Blue Roses X Red Violets – Jesswar & Disposition
Jesswar is one of the hardest working creatives I know, constantly pushing to create great music all while being incredibly humble and supporting other women in the music scene. This track is something she released a while back but it’s still one of my favourites of hers.

Song 4: God Enough – G Elenil
G Elenil is lethal – she can sing and rap! Check out her latest, God Enough, where you can hear her really go in on the vocals. I love her voice and this song, it’s such a feel good track.

Song 5: Internet Friend – Kimchi Princi
Kimchi is a talented artist. This track has a dope vibe and fun lyrics. I really respect Kimchi’s hustle and her art in and outside of music.

Song 6: Wave – Kaylah Truth
Kaylah Truth is absolute fire. She’s been in the game for a while now and has opened for some of the biggest in hip hop. She has paved way for some of the young ones coming through the gates now and is always supporting the scene. This track has major energy and killer lyrics, Kaylah’s flow is incredible.

Song 7: Stranger In Asia – Alphamama
Honestly one of my favourite tracks at the moment. I recently came across it and was blown away by the production of the track. Alphamama’s vocals are out of this world and the delivery of her rapping is fun. I love this track!

Song 8: Mona Lisa – Sampa The Great
Sampa is a remarkable woman and an incredible artist. Mona Lisa has such a powerful message and the lyrics and flow is absolute fire. I really like the swing of this track and how easy I can dance to it, it’s an all-’round dope track!

Song 9: Tell Em WTA’ – Sophie Grophy
I love this dancehall vibe. Sophie Trophy nailed this track, I wish it wasn’t so short but it’s a fun piece. Get ready to grab your boo when this track comes on for a lil’ slow whine…

Song 10: Pinnacle – Netti
I really like the dark energy in this track and I think Netti has some fire lyrics and a dope flow that sets her apart from a lot of rappers – she has super high energy. I have this on repeat!