[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi, I’m Kiri from Magic Bones, a band based in Melbourne and Adelaide. We play loud, fuzzy guitars so we can hear each other across states, and we sound a bit like The-B52’s cross the Dead Kennedys. We’re releasing our debut album later this year. Here are some songs by local Aussie acts that I’m loving, and you might love too.

Song 1: Sylvia – IV League

Great sparkly pop melodies with unexpected little dark twists. This is the brand new single from this super talented young Melbourne band.

Song 2: Mystery Child – White Bleaches

Groovy number off their recent 7″ release. Sick band of dudes from the Vicco surf coast.

Song 3: Cody – Jarrow
Damn this band sound good live. We caught them supporting Car Seat Headrest earlier in the year at the Gaso in Melbourne.

Song 4: Surfin’ – LOON LAKE

These guys write incredible pop songs. We had the honour of playing with them right before they called it quits. If you haven’t, dig into their back catalogue for some gold. All I wanna do is go surfing too guys.

Song 5: It Goes On – Slow Dancer
We caught Slow Dancer opening for Margaret Glasby last month. Very clever wordsmith. I believe he has an album coming out in June. Can’t wait!


These guys opened for us a few Sundays ago. They laid down the best jam set as the sun went down in the Gong. Yes, this song makes me want to take off all my clothes.

Song 7: Same Same – WAAX

There are some insanely awesome things that the vocalist does with her voice in this song. Every time I hear it, it gives me chills galore.

Song 8: Bring My Walls Down – Bloods

I’ve never met this band but a few years back I had an awesome dream that we were out at a castle in some unknown location playing a gig together. It’s one of those dreams that comes back to me every now and then. They do hooks and harmonies so well! I hope we can play a castle show together for real one day.

Song 9: DIYS – Horror My Friend

These guys are really good mates of ours. We started playing shows with them early on and Rich (our guitarist/drummer) has since recorded and mixed their debut record. Loving this latest single of theirs.

Song 10: Hot Press – The Hollow Bones

Hot Press always hits the spot. Hollow Bones were a super tight three piece from Sydney. This song just deserves to be played over and over and over and over.