Hello, I’m Jesse Porsches – I am a Sydney-based producer and also a member of Super Cruel.

Song 1: Fake Magic
 – Peking Duk & Aluna George
Aluna George and Peking Duk are a match made in electronic heaven! Love this track.

Song 2: 83 Days 
- Wafia
The song reminds me of a really passionate relationship! “83 days and I’m still not over you.

Song 3: Mended
 – Vera Blue
Celia/Vera lives around the corner from me and is a super talent. It’s good to see her doing so well!

Song 4: Ali D 
- Winston Surfshirt
Vibes are high! It’s like a warm hug on a cold, cold night.

Song 5: MERRYGO 
- Tigerilla
 ft. Dominique Young Unique
I love Matt – he is my best friend and makes good music.

Song 6: November
 – Super Cruel ft. Lisa Mitchell
Mainly because it’s one I was a part of writing and because it’s a banger!

Song 7: KryptoniteGeorge Maple
I have a tiny crush on George Maple! Also, my grandfather was called George, why else?

Song 8: PraiseMotez

Motez is a talented G and this track is huge!