[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ben, Tom, Stu and Dan from Future Haunts, an alt-rock band from Brisbane. Our music is based around duelling guitars and has a slightly darker edge to it. Think twilight-drenched indie rock. Here are some of our favourite tracks by Australian bands.

Song 1: Twist In The Dark – Gold Class
Big fans of Gold Class since we saw them at Bigsound a couple of years ago. The contrasting vocals over the top of that angular guitar works so well, and this new track produced by Gareth Liddiard of The Drones is a fave.

Song 2: Edge of Town – Middle Kids
Such a great, catchy track from the very first listen. We also had Tim from the band mix our latest single because we really liked his production style on all the Middle Kids’ stuff.

Song 3: Pocket Her Eyes – Mid Ayr
These guys are mates of ours from Brissy. Everything they do just keeps taking it up to the next level and when this track kicks into gear it’s just massive. Also have to admit I’m totally envious of Hugh’s vocals – what a set of pipes.

Song 4: Garbage – Royal Headache
Definitely a collective favourite band for us. There’s just something about them that feels like home and they’re always great to see live. A couple of us saw them play in a boxing ring in Brisbane once, which was totally nuts with people jumping off the corner posts WWE style.

Song 5: Try – Hatchie
Hatchie’s another fellow Brisbanite who’s been kicking around the scene in a couple of other bands for a while. This song is absolute pop bliss.

Song 6: French Press – Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
This entire EP is ridiculously good. They always manage to come up with great guitar hooks and the rhythm section drives it home.

Song 7: Taman Shud – The Drones
I was a bit of a latecomer to The Drones. This song was my introduction to them and at first I had no idea what the fuck was going on. But it quickly made its way into my ‘desert island’ list of tracks. Such a ballsy song in my view and so, so relevant.

Song 8: My Only Friend – Bad//Dreems
So much heart in this track. Constantly getting stuck in my head all day at work, which I’m more than ok with.

Song 9: All Four Seasons – Free Time
Super catchy riff. Great driving music.

Song 10: Carol – The Peep Tempel
To cap it off, here’s another collective favourite. I don’t think Trevor is good for you, Carol.