My name is Carlos Romanos and I’m one of the guitarists in Sydney four-piece alt-rock band, CREO. You can check out our new single Give Me Yours and our other tracks via our Soundcloud/Facebook.

Song 1: What Can I Do If The Fire Goes Out? – Gang Of Youths
I’m a big fan of Gang Of Youths and enjoy their music. I chose this track because it’s fast and punchy, yet still so melodic and emotive. It reminds me of that sick indie scene that came out of North America in 2007 – bands like Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians and Silversun Pickups. I also respect David Le’aupepe’s story and his songwriting. The second album is always the hardest to write and can be the uphill or downhill of a band’s career, unfortunately. After listening to this track and the other two tracks they’ve released for the upcoming album – it really feels like these dudes are moving up!

Song 2: It’s You – Wharves
WHARVES are probably my favourite unsigned band of 2017! These dudes are really humble and are a bunch of legends to hang out with. If you’re in Byron Bay, these dudes are tearing up their hometown with some pretty warm, fuzzy indie tunes. Honestly, these dudes are tight, rocky and energetic.

Song 3: Riverstone – Gostwyck
Gostwyck are the band that everyone needs to know about in 2017. These guys are seriously something special and we’re very happy to be close friends with them. So what do they sound like? Best way to explain it is: imagine Bon Iver, Fleetwood Mac and The War On Drugs going on a road trip to find the greatest water fountain. Super tight, beautiful harmonies, love their big breakdowns and killer musicians! One of their songs has a fucking trombone solo but unfortunately, the assholes haven’t released it yet.

Song 4: Not My Friends – Tired Lion
Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love Tired Lion? They’re fun, they’re honest and they’re showing how talented our country is across the world with their gritty rock! I chose this track because Sophie’s lyrics speak the truth. You go through a certain stage in your life where you try to ‘fit in’ with a certain group of people but you find out later on that they’re just holding you back, they’re toxic and they don’t actually give a shit about what you do and what your goals in life are.

I also chose this track because the music video is fucking awesome and recreates iconic scenes and intros from some of my favourite ‘90s and ‘00s TV shows. From Friends to That ‘70s Show, all the way to Seinfeld.

Song 5: Polka –  Yves Klein Blue
I’ll be honest – I only found out about this track because it was featured on that cheesy Mitsubishi Lancer ad. Yves Klein Blues were one of my most played ‘back in the days’ bands, but unfortunately, I couldn’t see these dudes live because I was underaged. I’ve chosen this track because it was the time when the Australian indie music scene was at its peak with bands like Mercy Arms, Jack Ladder, Sparkadia, Eddy Current Suppression Ring and Little Red.

Can you imagine if all these bands did a reunion tour together? It would be like Homebake Festival all over again!

Song 6: Heading For The Harrows – Them Bruins
Melbourne boys Them Bruins are like the ‘60s fuzzy rock band that you need to know about. They sound like a distortion pedal has been put in front of an Elvis Presley track. The boys have taken a well-deserved break but I’ve heard that they’re coming back and I’m super excited about this.

I remember we played with these boys back in 2014 when we released our single Afterglow and it’s always scary playing after a band that has a lead singer who knows how to move like Mick Jagger. These dudes are a bunch of legends and definitely a funny bunch to go out for drinks with.

Song 7: Two Hands – Twin Fires
If you like Kings Of Leon, Matt Corby and Bad Dreems – then you’re definitely going to like Twin Fires. We played with them in Manly a couple of months ago and when we walked into the room to watch their set, you could see that these guys were something special. They’ve been working on a new record at the moment and I don’t know about you but I’m pretty excited for it to get released.

Song 8: Take It Alldave.
dave. is the Newcastle pub rock band that everyone needs in their life. If you love, love being in a circle pit at a concert, love drinking tinnies and love screaming catchy lyrics at the top of your tongue – then dave. is the band for you. Imagine British India mixed with The Pixies!   

Song 9: In Colour – Hunting Grounds
If you’re only finding out about Ballarat rockers Hunting Grounds now, then I’m very sorry to tell you but these guys have broken up now and you will not be able to catch them live ever again… unless they organise a comeback tour. These dudes were like a mixture of post-punk, shoegaze and desert rock and I was lucky enough to see them live when they played at The World Bar on MUM Friday Nights.

Song 10: Riff Raff  – AC/DC
If you don’t know who AC/DC is… then yeah, I don’t know what to say.

AC/DC are the iconic rockers that put Australia on the map and let the world know that even though we’re the biggest island in the world – we sure can fuck shit up and a write some bangers. You can definitely hear that in their song Riff Raff!

What more do you want? Punchy guitar riffs, husky vocals, a stomping rhythm section and a plethora of guitar solos. AC/DC are the epitome of rock’n’roll!