Cable Ties are a Melbourne punk band devoted to winding jams and hot chips. They’re currently stroppin’ around the country with their debut album. This playlist is designed to get you from post-work malaise into that headin’ out Friday night feeling. 

Song 1: Short Circuit – PTSD 
Found this band while researching interstate bands for our tour, and realised they share a member with Canberra’s TV Colours. Menacing and gritty, but with a huge chorus and that familiar TV Colours guitar tone.

Song 2: Opt Out – Spit 
Melbourne mates, Spit, recently posted this demo and it makes for an anticipated future official release! Classic ’90s indie vibes and big hooks.

Song 3: Kids R Kids – Pleather Purrs 
Sweet power pop tune from Melbourne’s greatest Pink Tiles cover band, here with one of their own. 1:52 of dancing in your living room before a night out kind of fun.

Song 4: Cloud 9 – Baker Boy
I absolutely lost my mind when Beth played this track on the Breakfast Spread on PBS recently. Baker Boy is Danzel Baker who now lives in the Melbourne area. He was raised in Milingimbi and Maningrida in the remote Northern Territory and raps in his first language – Yolngu Matha. Watch the video clip for this song it’s amazing!

Song 5: BB Goy – Kandere
Kandere are a local Melbourne duo made up of producer Wahe Kavara and rapper Lakyn Tarai. They’re incredible musicians and activists who deliver a powerful live performance. In Lakyn’s words, “Kandere to me is my reply to the diaspora, to darkness, to my hedonism and using my own body to speak and by all means, fight for my identity rather than waiting for somebody else to.”

Song 6: Clap Clap – Miss Blanks
I saw Miss Blanks at Transgenre (a festival put on by June Jones from Two Steps on the water, that you’re a damn fool to miss if you don’t attend already). She is an absolutely commanding boss. So, I know I said to watch the video before, but really, really watch this video!

Song 7: Thumper – Spotting 
Jump start ya heart. Synth frequencies ricocheting around your head; guitar and drums driving from the back; Ariel Madigan’s voice could make a building wilt.

Song 8: Hood Team – Various Asses 
Body horror floor filler from Melbourne underground icon. Pushes things into sweaty, boil-over territory quick smart and keeps pushing you further out.

Song 9: While Drifting – Other Places
First taste of Mat Watson’s third solo album. Dreamy, head-nod shit that really stretches those bits connecting body and brain.So much empathy and emotion in this as it runs rings around classic dance tropes. The live show cranks the joyous rush even further.

Song 10: That’s All – RVG
From our fave record of the year. Could watch this band forever. A perfect closer to this here mixtape. That’s all from us.