[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Hi, I’m Billy Fox from Sydney, Australia. I produce a future soul-type music with electronic and human instruments.

Song 1: HyperParadise – Hermitude
Hermitude can cross genres and boundaries easily. I love these dudes.

Song 2: LacunaeMookhi
Mookhi is a true artist. I’ve had a great time collaborating with her. Check out her latest EP.

Song 3: That Message – Holy Holy
The first time I heard this track I was mesmerised. It has a perfect trajectory the whole way.

Song 4: Young – Vallis Alps
This song is so buttery. So much space.

Song 5: C’EST LA VIE – Swindail ft. Innanet James
Sid’s production is world class. I could recommend more too. As a matter of fact…

Song 6: JUSSRITE – Swindail ft. SACHI & Naji
There we are.

Song 7: Ubu – Methyl Ethel
If you’re going to art pop, do it like this.

Song 8: Fool – Boo Seeka
That verse progression gets me every time.

Song 9: Substance Therapy – REMI
I’m all about this. This beat is so hard. Standout.

Song 10: The Show – The Tongue
One of my faves. The most underrated artist in Australia.