Miss Blanks has been dubbed the next big thing in Australian hip hop.

Her jaw-dropping performance at BIGSOUND left everyone without a doubt in their mind that Miss Blanks is one of the most powerful voices in Australian music. Her debut EP Diaries Of A Thotaholic solidifies her as both a master of popular catchy hip hop and of poeticism which captures the honest, sass-filled and confidence of her experience as a black trans woman.

It’s neither political or preachy, Diary Of A Thotaholic is fun and a down right party. There are heavier themes within the EP, fears and experiences of Otherness and rejection. With a bunch of features including Daiburger out of the USA, Miss Blanks isn’t just speaking from her hometown in Brisbane, rather to an entire global community of people who are for the first time being introduced to trans experiences, sexuality and stories.

Standout tracks for me are Bread and Fantasy, impeccably produced and quick to the point they take you on a journey through the glamour and luxury audiences will crave from trap and hip hop, sitting side to side with that zero-fucks-given real talk we have come to expect from Sian Vandermuelen.

While people may be shocked by the seriously free content, you simply can’t fault her for telling it exactly how it is. Without fear and trepidation, Diary Of A Thotaholic is everything you want and expect from Miss Blanks.


Released: 17 November, 2017 via Trench Records