24 Apr, Oxford Art Factory

Opening acts Brightness and Morning TV warmed up the Oxford Art Factory crowd in just the right way with a tantalising sweet’n’sour routine, introducing Middle Kids’ introspective pop perfectly.

Hannah Joy. Where to begin? The room could have been empty and she wouldn’t have changed her powerful gaze. A high-energy nod to the authenticity we all crave from live music, Middle Kids delivered a driving, emotional and engaging show.

The room was completely packed from front to back (being a six foot tall girl has its advantages in this industry!) as Joy exclaims with a laugh ‘You’d all want to love each other!’ But it’s shows like this which remind you that the Sydney live music scene is a family in itself; a totally sweaty, cosy bliss.

A slightly shorter set than anticipated, but with not an ounce of quality sacrificed for time, standout tracks from their debut self-titled EP Your Love, Edge Of Town and Never Start took the crowd to a level beyond your average Monday night. But it was Fire In Your Eyes that sold us. Joy’s punky lilt in perfect marriage with that angsty lyrical innocence took the edge off of her confident stage persona.

You would be forgiven for thinking Middle Kids are just a bit too cool for school, but their set was not without endearing self-deprecation and appreciation for their audience, which did not go unnoticed.

Tim Fitz was silent but astute, and drummer Harry Day almost got through the whole set with an encompassing mysterious allure, breaking character only at the very end.

A brilliant set coming off the back of an incredible year for the Sydney outfit, the standards are set high and our love for Middle Kids even higher. The only question on my mind on the bus ride home is: when are these guys putting out their debut album?